“When the power needed by the customers is too important than what is available, JIRAMA has to cut it” This is the first statement that you can see on the page under the category “powercut” from JIRAMA‘s web site. This means nothing else than: “powercuts are never the fault of the JIRAMA … customers are too power foodie”



JIRAMA is a state owned company which activities are exclusively focused on the production and supply of electricity and water. Even if the sector has been liberalized and open to any investor, JIRAMA remains the most important actor within the market specifically due to its large supplying framework throughout Madagascar. Power supply has always been a big issue and also a big challenge for JIRAMA. Combination of delapidated supply framework, need increasing, deficiency offer and last but not least: bad management and money misappropriation, have always helped to dig JIRAMA’s grave deeper and deeper while Malagasy population are left in the darkness.


The situation of JIRAMA has really worsened during the transition (2009 – 2013) where the public water and power supplier was among the most regular cash cows of the transition leaders. The situation has become so unstable (long powercut everyday) that a group of young men and women, gathered under the flag of citizen action movement: WAKE UP MADAGASCAR, have decided to protest publicly against powercut.


Citizen action which is among the most popular ways of demonstration, is quite still unknown in Madagascar. WAKE UP MADAGASCAR was born on Facebook and now it gathers young and very hyper-motivated activists who still believe that this new way to protest, is the right thing to do to change Madagascar.


So they decided to make a soundless chain around Anosy lake – downtown of Antananarivo – last Saturday, to show how tired they are with JIRAMA’s powercut. As some of them said: “we are JIRAMA’s customers, we then have the right to know what is happening there”


I was astonished to see the reaction of the authorities. The head of the Analamanga region gendarmerie has warned: “Whatever you do, as long as it is a public gathering, you need to apply for an authorization before the prefet. If you don’t do so, your action will be deemed as illegal and therefore you will be arrested and bear the pertaining sanctions.” So we can do nothing in Madagascar? Citizen expression is banned … please remind me for what purpose Andry Rajoelina’s supporters have foughted.


The immediate consequence was that there were many citizens who were afraid to take part into the demonstration. Antananarivo people are afraid of clash against security forces. Antananarivo people are tired … they don’t have dreams anymore, they don’t live, they survive …

10734190_315500338649890_2213264778669176026_nBut despite such fear, some courageous activists have decided to show to the whole nation that it was still possible to express ones’ voices in a “police state” like Madagascar. All together, they stood up, they reached each and everyone’s hands and they wore their little signs in which they wrote: “Tired of powercut! JIRAMA stop the powercut! We have the right to light! …”


There was no clash even if there were more armed security forces than protesters. WAKE UP MADA, last Saturday, has won its bet: YES! Citizen action is possible in Madagascar! Thank you Guys! WAKE UP MADA rocks!


The ministry of mines and energy calls Charles Randrianasoavina

No this is not a joke … unfortunately, this is not a joke …

In order to fight against the traffic of mining products, the minister of mines and energy, Mamy Ratovomalala, has officially appointed the famous Lieutenant Colonel, Charles Randrianasoavina to be in charge of the “brigade control of mines and lapidary”. This is a department within the ministry of mines and energy which fights against mining fraud and traffic.

For those who do not know the Lieutenant Colonel Charles Randrianasoavina, he was among the CAPSAT (a military camp which stores and fixes all the weapons and ammunition of the Malagasy Army – the mutiny of the Malagasy Army against Ravalomanana’s regime started there with CAPSAT troops on March 08th, 2009)  officers who conspired against the Ravalomanana’s regime.

The Lieutenant Colonel Charles Randrianasoavina was the officer who interrupted the meeting between the representatives of the International Community, the three top ranked generals of  the Malagasy Army who were scheduled to lead a Military regime, Andry Rajoelina and his close collaborators, threatened the US ambassador, Neils Marquardt, with his Kalashnikov, arrested the Pastor Lala Rasendrahasina, president of the FJKM (Protestant church), and forced the three top ranked generals to go to the CAPSAT camp, on March 17th, 2009 at the EPISCOPAT (Catholic premises) Antanimena.

The Lieutenant Colonel Charles Randrianasoavina was the officer who proceeded to the arrest of Ralitera Andrianandraina, in charge of the security of the High Constitutional Court, on April 28th, 2009.

The Lieutenant Colonel Charles Randrianasoavina was the officer who proceeded to the arrest of Manandafy Rakotonirina and Mrs. Ihanta Randriamandranto, both leaders of the pro-Ravalomanana movement,  on April 30th, 2009 at the Carlton Hotel.

The Lieutenant Colonel Charles Randrianasoavina was the officer who clearly death threatened Joaquim Chissano on August 28th, 2009 at the International airport of  Ivato. While waiting for the return of the politicians who took part into the Maputo II negotiations round, he declared to the journalists: “if he (Joaquim Chissano) comes to Madagascar, he will deal with me …” On that day, he wanted to arrest (again) Manandafy Rakotonirina for having slandered against the Malagasy Army.

The Lieutenant Colonel Charles Randrianasoavina is now the co-director of the FIS (Intervention Force of Security) – this is the armed militia of Andry Rajoelina that the European Union wants to disarm. He took and still takes bloody and rough actions against the pro-Ravalomanana supporters when these latters want to demonstrate on the streets.

The Lieutenant Colonel Charles Randrianasoavina is now among the directors of the JIRAMA (national company which provides water and energy). He was and still is behind armed assaults against wealthy businessmen and companies.

The list is too long to be all posted here … this just an extract, few sample of how “incredible man” is Charles Randrianasoavina, a soldier who became a gangster. One thing is sure, his name with his accomplice, the Lieutenant Colonel Lylison Charles, will be on the “black list” of the AU as among the “grantees” for the “targeted sanctions”.

Few weeks ago, on March 08th, 2010, The Lieutenant Charles Randrianasoavina, during the celebration of the one year of the CAPSAT’s mutiny, declared in a interview to Antsiva radio (FM radio which belongs to the mayor PDS of Antananarivo) that he was not satisfied with his current situation (he was already director of JIRAMA and co-director of FIS at that time!). He also said that he could have become president of Madagascar if he has ever wanted. He did not deny that he and his brothers in arms at CAPSAT have done a coup and that on March 17th, 2009, he forced the three top ranked generals to hand over the power to Andry Rajoelina.

Now then in Madagascar, we have a mercenary who has lost his military honor with three caps (FIS – JIRAMA – mining brigade). One thing is sure: he is the right man at the right place if it is to impose a real dictatorship in Madagascar. The dictatorship of Andry rajoelina … but, is it really sure that he respects Andry Rajoelina? Not that sure … I always remember what the Lieutenant Colonel Charles Randrianasoavina and the Lieutenant Colonel Lylison Charles (he belongs to the Gendarmerie), have said at MAGRO Ankorondrano when “chasing” Raveloson Constant, a politician close to Ravalomanana and Manandafy: “When we do actions, NOBODY, not even ANDRY RAJOELINA can stop us”

Time to be afraid in Madagascar.

Guessing game: who is Charles Randrianasoavina?