The Ravelonarivo Government is born

This is then the final result of the more than 10 days intensive political bargaining between the President Hery Rajaonarimampianina, the Prime Minister General Jean Ravelonarivo, and the political parties or circles of influence which officially or unofficially back the current regime. Yesterday, the Madagascar presidency announced on its web site that the decree 2015-030 appointing the members of the new government was issued.

It is too early to draw up a political analysis of this second government of President Hery Rajaonarimampianina but nevertheless, we already can say that it was not the big change that everybody expected with 22 Kolo Roger’s ministers who got their contract renewed. 08 new ministers entered the Ravelonarivo government. It has also failed to reduce the ministries.

Here is the list:

Minister of State for Presidential Projects, Spatial Planning and Equipement: RAKOTOVAO Rivo

Minister at the Presidency of Mines and Petroleum: LALAHARISAINA Joéli Valérien

Minister of National Defence: General RAKOTOZAFY Dominique Jean Olivier

Minister of Foreign Affairs: ATTALAH Béatrice

Minister of Justice: RAMANANTENASOA Noëline

Minister of Finance and Budget: RAKOTOARIMANANA François Marie Maurice Gervais

Minister of Interior and Decentralization: MAHAFALY Solonandrasana Olivier

Minister of Public Safety: General Police Inspector RANDIMBISOA Blaise Richard

Minister of Economy and Planning: General RAVELOHARISON Herilanto

Minister of Agriculture: RAVATOMANGA Rolland

Minister of Public Health: ANDRIAMANARIVO Mamy Lalatiana

Minister of National Education: RABARY Andrianiaina Paul

Minister of Industry and Private Sector Development: RAFIDIMANANA Narson

Minister of Trade and Consumption: RABESAHALA Henry

Minister of Public Works: RATSIRAKA larovana Roland

Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Laws: MAHARANTE Jean de Dieu

Minister of Tourism, Transport and Meteorology:ANDRIANTIANA Jacques Ulrich

Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons: HORACE Gatien

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: RASOAZANANERA Marie Monique

Minister of Employment, Technical and Professional Education: RAMANANTSOA Ramarcel Benjamina

Minister of Environment, Ecology, Sea and Forests: BEBOARIMISA Ralava

Minister of Fisheries and Fishery Resources: AHMAD

Minister of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation: NDAHIMANANJARA Bénédicte Johanita

Minister of Livestock: RAMPARANY Anthelme

Minister of Culture, Arts and Crafts: RASAMOELY Brigitte

Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Technologies: RAKOTOMAMONJY André Neypatraiky

Minister of Communication and Relations with Institutions: ANDRIANJATO RAZAFINDAMBO Vonison

Minister of Youth and Sports: ANDRIAMOSARISOA Jean Anicet

Minister of Population. Social Protection and Promotion of Women: RËALY Onitiana Voahariniaina

Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defence in charge of the Gendarmerie:General PAZA Didier Gérard

Two great surprises in this new government: Onitiana Realy, journalist at the private TV channel TV+, very popular with her weekly program “Invite du Zoma” (Friday Guest) where she “cooks” politicians, finally starts a new political career with a ministerial seat. I’d rather see her as in charge of the ministry of communication as she masters the whereabouts of modern journalism. Onitiana has never hidden her interest on politics.

AHMAD remains at his former “fishy” seat despite all the scandals that involved him about the Qatari corruption. In order to win the race on 2022 Football World Cup hosting, the Government of Qatar has corrupted almost all the heads of Football leagues. AHMAD get caught by foreign journalists ASKING for money as counterpart of his vote for Qatar. What is the big great deal that obliges President Hery Rajaoanarimampianina to keep him at his seat?

A little comment about the new Minister of Finance and Budget: Rakotoarimanana Maurice Francois Gervais. He has worked as a Senior Financial Management Specialist at the World Bank. He has also worked for the Canadian Government as Specialist on Tax Auditing at the ministry of Income. Like President Hery Rajaoanrimampianina, he is a chartered accountant.

OK, we have a government now so … LET’S WORK!


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