Human Rights are not for those who starve


Article 01 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”


Even if everybody in my country, Madagascar, knows what are the Human Rights, I am pretty sure that most of them ignore the first provision of this universal declaration.  They (Malagasy people) know that each and everyone, have inaleniable rights but they are not even aware that, with what they have to face in their everyday life, their basic rights, their constitutionnal rights … their human rights are flouted. They know that local corrupted leaders and shady politicians are the real and only culprits who have buried Madagascar in this bottomless abyss of extreme poverty … but they do not know how to protect and to have them back.


“There is no reasoning with a starving man” This is an expression that perfectly illustrates the situation of human rights in Madagascar. Because the majority of Malagasy people are lost in their everyday life struggle survival, they feel as Human Rights are just a kind of elusive western concept that are only for rich people. The hit of poverty is so harsh that the poor ends up with being convinced that Human Rights are just another snobbish product from abroad and the most important is to find food. Actually, the only right that they recognize is the right to survive …


Education for all! Education for what? This is sometimes the answer you get. People are so poor that they do not know anymore what the future means. Education of children is not a priority, it is a non-essential and costfull burden. There are now thousand of under-aged Malagasy who disappear from school benchs and sent to increase the number of illegal young work force. The pens, the pensils, the copybooks, the books do not feed a family. The right to education is clearly violated in Madagascar.

zoridira fofona

The right to choose their own leaders and representatives. This right has been confiscated since 2009. Presidential and legislative elections are scheduled on October 25 and December 20 for this year though Malagasy people think that whoever is on power, that will change nothing … 


I already can hear from here the criticisms of my friends: why did you give a so bad image of our country, aren’t you proud to be Malagasy, and bla bla bla … To them I just answer this: Current Malagasy leaders have found the best WMD: sustainable poverty which contaminates minds and citizen consciousness. As long as Malagasy people starve, they can be sure that no one will stop and shout “Hey! Wait a minute! Why do we accept to live like this?” I will seriously start to hope for the future of my country only when Malagasy people will start to wake up and request their rights … their human rights.


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