Camille, what are you doing there?

General Camille Vital presented yesterday his credentials as permanent Madagascar representative to Mr. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev (@TokayevUNGeneva), Director General of UN office in Geneva.

“Take my credentials, Tovaritch!”

Official recognition or …

I sincerely don’t give a damn that Camille Vital, former PM of the HAT (High Authority of the Transition) has been appointed to become our permanent rep in Geneva … in any case, Andry Rajoelina, the disputed and self-proclaimed president of the transition, has been obliged to cut a niche for his last pre-road map PM.

What I don’t really understand is this “I go/I don’t go” attitude of the UN towards Madagascar. In Madagascar, most of UN programs led by UNDP are currently on hold, except social and humanitarian projects. The main reason is that the UN does not recognize yet the current regime.

So why do they (the UN) still have a permanent rep, Mrs. Fatma Samoura, in Madagascar, and WTH did they (still the UN) agree to have Camilla Parker Bowles Camille Vital as the new “Madagascar Guy” in Geneva?

Maybe I’m too naive but I think that people who should be allowed to represent Madagascar abroad, should comply with the image of Omer Beriziky’s government of national union.

They should be people who do not have any “stinky” link with Andry Rajoelina and his HAT. Diplomatic representation should be for diplomats and not for political opportunists.

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  2. email : Ravalomanana ihany e if we wanna free madagascar we malagasy people must give a minimum of trust to our leader .and respect his decisions how to do it . we cant always go backward and complain for nothing and give the possibilities to rule the country and our life to the colon forever . wake up malagasy malala .! don’t let our dear president walk alone . he never did wrong till now and we all can see that . respect and love to my president .

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