Malagasy duel in Seychelles

It’s now 03.13am Madagascar time and I’m still looking for any piece of information about the “face to face” meeting between Andry RAJOELINA and Marc RAVALOMANANA in DesRoches island ( a private island – 234km away from Mahe, capital of Seychelles) …

Face to face

This is the firt time in the Madagascar crisis negotiating history that the SADC imposed (or succeeded to impose?) a real face to face with just the two main opponents:

– Andry RAJOELINA: the president of a transition which is not yet internationally recognized mainly because they (the transition and him) came from a military backed coup. He and his circle of influence (including the Army) rule the country with an iron fist.

– Marc RAVALOMANANA: the last legal president of Madagascar who was deposed by Andry RAJOELINA and mutineers on March 17th, 2009. He now lives in exile in South Africa and masterminds his opposition movement from there. He is believed to have some private business interests in some African countries (to be confirmed).

What they only have in common is their main goal: to get the power – Both want to win the next presidential elections.

As far as I understand the last SADC’s ultimatum, Andry RAJOELINA and Marc RAVALOMANANA have until July 31st to reach a common agreement. This meet-up is kind of extraordinary because both leaders will be on their owns, SADC has imposed that no delegation, no counsel, no wife, no lawyer, … should be present during the face to face meeting. The time where they have to tell what they really think about each other, has finally come … thank you SADC!

I’m personally interested to see what the former DJ (Andry RAJOELINA -this is not from me, this is from international medias) would be able to deliver without his griots. Does he really have a personnality (or a brain?) without the advices of French ambassadors / Quai d’Orsay special envoys, Norbert Lala RATSIRAHOANANA (Andry RAJOELINA’s political and legal counsellor), Annick RAJAONA (in charge of international liasions) and any other unsavoury individual? Will he do like in Maputo, Mozambic during the Maputo summit which run from August 05th, 2009 to August 09th, 2009, jointly organized by the AU, the UN, the SADC and the OIF? He exasperated everybody by leaving the negotiation room every time when an important decision has to be made … just because he has to ask the opinions of his counsellors. The SADC should not allow that to happen again!


The entire country is now holding its breath until a “consensual and inclusive” (lol) resolution comes up. The undeniable truth is that the life of millions of Malagasy people (including myself) will be affected by their agreement … above all the implementation of such agreement.

There were many agreements which have been signed but none of theme have been fully and duly respected by opponent parties. Why do you think that this “Desroches resolution” will be an exception?




2 thoughts on “Malagasy duel in Seychelles

  1. Let’s say that an agreement is signed today by both parties. Are we sure that the local political parties will accept it? Do not forget that Mr Voninahitsy said that the agreement has to get the approval of the malagasy political parties, if not it can’t be enforced

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