Pictures of the first day of Apps4Africa in Madagascar


March 16th, 2012: This is a very important date for the newly born NGO: Malagasy i-Hub, because it hosted the second edition of Apps4Africa for the Southern region of Africa. It gathered then some Malagasy techies, bloggers, NGOs, associations, entrepreneurs, IT developers, and innovators. Unfortunately, there was no representative from the government … is climate change still a priority for Malagasy government? Honestly, I don’t think so … This meeting was organized mainly for sensitizing to the emergency of finding solutions to climate change, solutions which have to involve telecommunication / internet technologies, and also for informing about the project contest (Madagascar will compete against other 04 African countries in the Southern region). This event will continue today at the Malagasy Press Center, Antsakaviro, Antananarivo, Madagascar from 10 to 02pm Madagascar time. Mariéme Jamme, Co-founder of Africa Gathering led the meeting.


5 thoughts on “Pictures of the first day of Apps4Africa in Madagascar

  1. I think we haven’t to wait the government for those kinds of things! It’s even better without “them”! Nice pics 🙂

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