Qaddafi is out … how about Andry TGV?

Even if Qaddafi’s son, the presumed captured by Libyan rebels Saif Al-Islam, denied that the regime has collapsed, that his father has flew away, and that he (Saif Al-Islam) was captured by rebels, no one can ignore the fact that the Qaddafi’s reign has come to an end. Qaddafi played an important role in the Malagasy political circus due to his relationship with Andry Rajoelina, the head of the transition in Madagascar. He (Qaddafi) has always advocated for the benefit of the current power holders in Madagascar.

Andry Rajoelina and his supporters have always said that in the aftermath of the Tunisian and the Egyptian upheavals, that the Malagasy Orange revolution has directly inspired the opposition movements from these countries. Such assertion has always sounded like stupid for me. It is just another attempt to stupefy more and more Malagasy people. It is a very awkward attempt to hijack the events of the so-called “Spring Arab” to justify a military-backed coup.

Now that Qaddafi is out of the business, Andry Rajoelina has lost a very important ally, a kind of “big brother” who was ready to teach him the basis of dictatorship and to lobby before the International Community. Now that he lost his mentor, what is he going to say? I do hope that the end of the Malagasy crisis will come as soon as possible and will be very similar to what now happens in Libya.


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