another failure for Andry Rajoelina

Extract of the SADC’s official communique dated May 20th, 2011 (resolutions of the extraordinary summit on the same day)

11. Summit considered the report of the SADC mediator on Madagascar, HE Chissano….noting the development of the roadmap for returning that country to constitutional normalcy.

12. The Summit commended HE Chissano for his efforts in bring together the stakeholders in the process of reconciliation and finding a lasting solution for that country.

13. Summit reiterated the need for an all-inclusive process towards finding a lasting solution of the challenges facing the country. In this regard, Summit mandated the SADC chairperson, chairperson of the SADC organ on Politics Defence and Security Cooperation and SADC mediator on Madagascar to, as soon as possible, convene a meeting with all Malagasy stakeholders to be held at SADC headquarters in Gabarone, Botswana.

Version from Andry Rajoelina during his press conference on May 21st, 2011 in his residency in Ambatobe, Antananarivo:

  • The SADC has validated the Dr. Leonardo Simao’s roadmap.
  • The current administration of Madagascar is now internationally recognized.
  • He and the former Malagasy presidents (Marc Ravalomanana – Zafy Albert – Didier Ratsiraka) are instructed by the SADC to meet on June 06th, 2011 in Gaborone, Botswana, at the SADC’s HQs to sign the Dr. Leonardo Simao’s road map and not to discuss.


The SADC did not reject the Dr. Leonardo Simao’s roadmap nor confirmed it. The SADC just noticed that the process of crisis settlement is not yet inclusive and consensual. According to their understanding of the situation in Madagascar, there is a unilateral conduct of the transition by Andry Rajoelina and the Leonardo Simao’s roadmap has not involved yet the main stakeholders of the crisis.

Andry Rajoelina has shown his willingness  to move forward with “his” transition whatever it takes. That’s what makes him very dangerous for Madagascar.


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