TEDxAntananarivo 2011

Ideas can change the world … especially if there are good willing people who are ready to realize them. Ideas change the world when great thinkers gather to find concrete solutions and to win global challenges. TED which stands for “Technology – Entertainment – Design” is an annual international event which has existed for 25 years. It aims to gather great thinkers, specialists, decision makers, and influential people to debate about world issues. Recognized through its “American standards” (…) and above all its close collaboration with bloggers, TED is represented throughout the world by its TED fellows who have the duty to organize a TEDx every year on the internationally chosen “master topic”.

Madagascar has also its TEDx: TEDxAntananarivo, led by blogger Harinjaka Ratozamanana. TEDxAntananarivo has existed in Madagascar since 2009. Tomorrow, there will be a TEDxAntananarivo which will be handled at CCI Ivato (International Conference Center). The topic will be: “Ideas for Women Cancer Control In Africa”

Even if female cancer has normally nothing to do with Technology, Entertainment and Design, none can deny the horrible damage that it causes to the black continent and the necessity to eradicate it. This is the reason why Akbaraly foundation and Orange, sponsors of the event, both decided to have female cancer in Africa as topic for TEDxAntananarivo 2011.

The whole event will be live-blogged and twitted by barijaona, phoenixmag, saveoursmile, 1975jmr, ariniaina, avylavitra, dagomc, mossieurnjo, gasyjodasy, r1lita, tandriamirado, thierry_ratsiz, elsifaka, rf_candy, sahaza, and jentilisa

Unfortunately for me, I will not be there for tomorrow but I am pretty sure that my friend-bloggers (above listed) who are among the best bloggers of Madagascar, will rock it as usual!

TED it!

P.S.: I won’t miss the next TEDx!


One thought on “TEDxAntananarivo 2011

  1. TEDxTNR was a very moving experience, but it was also an opportunity to see women stand against fatality, against cancer … they definitely gave us a good example to follow, no matter what …

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