SADC Troika’s resolution – April’s fool or a scoop?

We do not know yet if it is a stupid joke from April’s fool but we have just been informed by Tananews that the SADC’s Troika formed by South Africa, Zambia and Mozambic has just released its resolution: ousted president Marc Ravalomanana has to return to Madagascar within two weeks. We are still awaiting for more confirmation.

If this is true, it then means that the Troika has decided not to confirm the roadmap drafted by SADC’s mediation team led by Dr. Leonardo Simao. This also means that this crisis will worsen because the current transitional leaders (Andry Rajoelina – Camille Vital – heads of Malagasy Army – …) will never allow Marc Ravalomanana to go home. On February 19th, Marc Ravalomanana did try to fly back home but the Malagasy authorities (using the ACM: Civil Aviation of Madagascar) issued a NOTAM (notice for all air transport companies) to avoid Marc Ravalomanana and his family’s boarding.

Wait and see …


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