Marc Ravalomanana will come home on Saturday

The ousted president Marc Ravalomanana did today a DVC from South Africa which was live-projected at Carlton hotel in Anosy (downtown of Antananarivo) for Malagasy journalists.He did confirm his return in Madagascar on Saturday.

Time to put an end to the crisis

He said that the 02 years crisis has come to a critical point where the majority of Malagasy people can not anymore bear. According to him, the coup d’état made on March 17th, 2009 was the real and only source of all the political, social and economic instability in Madagascar which has lasted for more than 02 years for now. “Malagasy people has too much suffered, it is high time to put an end to this” He said.

Back to negotiations

The ousted president stated that only Malagasy-Malagasy negotiations on Malagasy territory can solve once for all the crisis. “This is why I have decided to come home” he said. Marc Ravalomanana has decided to come home mainly to re-launch and to take part into the negotiations. He guaranteed that this new negotiation round would just take one week. “It is crucial that the negotiations take place between head of mouvances, between brothers, and not between enemies” he said.

Back home after two days ….

“I will be back in Madagascar the day after tomorrow … Here are our tickets” He solemnly declared. A cold silence took place just after this statement. All the journalists might have figured out the gravity and seriousness of the moment and such declaration.

Not afraid, not afraid at all …

Marc Ravalomanana insisted that he was not afraid of any potential or attempt of arrests against him. “I am coming back to my homeland to help Malagasy people, to negotiate, … I’m telling you: I’m not afraid of all of that … I did nothing wrong against my country and Malagasy people” The minister of Justice has priory declared that Marc Ravalomanana would be arrested and put in jail for life if he dared to land in Madagascar. The heads of the Army, the Gendarmerie and the Police did also express their hostility against such return. To the question “How will you conduct the negotiations if you are in jail?” Marc Ravalomanana just replied with a smile and then said: “I did nothing wrong, I’m not afraid”

Bad road map

The recent road map proposed by Dr. Leonardo Simao was publicly rejected by Marc Ravalomanana. “This is not a SADC’s road map, this is just road map drafted by an individual, member of the SADC’s delegation” He said. “This road map is unacceptable for me, it just intends to keep me out of my own country, out of the negotiations” He added. He assumed that this road map which legalizes the coup was a very bad example for Africa.

South Africa

“My decision is made. I humbly ask the South Africans and the South African government to understand me. I have to go home.” The ousted president Marc Ravalomanana declared.

Nobody can predict about the things which may happen on Saturday. Violent clashes between security forces and Ravalomanana supporters are likely to occur. Yesterday night, a special council of ministers instructed the ACM (Civil Aviation of Madagascar) to ban Ravalomanana’s plane (South African Airlines, commercial flight, scheduled to land in the airport of Ivato (suburb of Antananarivo) at 11.00am (08.00am GMT) to land. They also took some strict and severe measures to reinforce the security in all Madagascar’s airports. One thing is sure: Whatever it takes, Marc Ravalomanana will come home.


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