Two years ago …

26 January 2009 – 26 January 2011. Two years ago, the population of Antananarivo suffered in what we all know as the “Black Monday”. Two years ago, Andry Rajoelina who was at that time the mayor of Antananarivo, led his supporters to loot and burn all the companies owned by the president Marc Ravalomanana (TIKO, MAGRO, MBS, …) and all the great companies which made the pride of the capital (ZOOM, COURTS, CORA, …). Two years ago, the population of Antananarivo lived in complete fear and despair, wondering if there was still a real state of law in Madagascar. Check this if you want to know what happened that day.

Black Monday

“Black Monday” was, for me, the undeniable evidence that the power of the president Marc Ravalomanana as well as the government, were completely regressing. January 26, 2009 was also Andry Rajoelina’s D day to show his real power, a power funded by local business people, expressed by the violence from some hundreds of He-Men (all located in the Ghettos of Antananarivo), the complicity of the Malagasy armed forces (Army – Gendarmerie – Police) and the active but covered backing of a powerful European nation which has never tolerated Marc Ravalomanana’s boldness and independence. “Black Monday” was above all a strong hit against the safety feeling of Antananarivo people.

Consequences …

Andry Rajoelina won a kind of psychic battle: after January 26, 2009, the entire population of Antananarivo was too afraid to go out of their houses, and felt unsecured. After Black Monday, Andry Rajoelina was seen like the real head of the capital city and its streets. His hooligans could do whatever they wanted in almost all the districts of Antananarivo.

And now?

And now, what? Andry Rajoelina got the power and he’s still there (and intends to stay there for a while). The day of January 26 is just like any other day in the calendar, no remembrance, nothing …. just as if two years ago, nothing happened …



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