The YES won

The official results of the constitutional referendum on November 17th, 2010 will be officially proclaimed for this coming Saturday by the HCC (High Constitutional Court). Nomore suspense regarding the ballot, the CENI (Independent National Electoral Commission) through its deliberation n°: 034/CENI/D/2010 already announced the official temporary results on Tuesday at its headquarters in Alarobia: The YES won.

To the question: “Do you agree with the constitution project of the IVth Republic?” , the YES massively won with an exceptionnal turn-out of 52.61%

  • Total number of people listed on the electoral list: 7,151,223
  • Total number of voters: 3,761,977
  • Number of the white and invalid bulletins: 179,423
  • Number of the valid votes: 3,582,554
  • Turn-out rate: 52.61%
  • Total number of the votes obtained by the answer YES: 2,657,962 or 74.19%
  • Total number of the votes obtained by the answer NO: 924,592 or 25.81%
  • Answer having obtained the largest number of vote: answer YES

The CENI also announced the cancellation of 3,612 votes for violation of the legal and regulatory provisions (electoral code) and the observation of  “electoral operations deficiency” in 37 polling stations.




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