Maître Radson Solo is the new president of the bar

Maître Radson Solo was elected as the new president of the Malagasy bar association last Saturday during a General Assembly of the Lawyers of Madagascar. The election was handled in the courtroom n°: 04 at the tribunal courts of Anosy.

He got 301 votes against 208 for his opponent, Maître Ratovondrajao Fredon. Maître Antoine Ralay also competed.

The last president of the bar was Maître Hery Rakotomanana, the current president of the C.E.N.I. (National Independent Commission for Elections), a public body which was created by the H.A.T. (High Authority of the Transition) to organize, to supervise and to monitor public elections in Madagascar. This public body is supposed to be independent and it is the guarantor of free and fair elections in Madagascar, however, the members of its central board were appointed by decree. Because of this decree of appointment, the C.N.M.D.D.H. (Malagasy National Committee for the defense of human rights) led by a well known Malagasy lawyer, Alisaona Raharinarivonirina, sued the Malagasy state before the council of state (supreme administrative tribunal) for violation of a general legal principle related to the equality between citizens and associations. According to this association (the only one which has dared to challenge the Didier Ratsiraka’s administration during the hard time of red socialist revolution era!), the Malagasy state has failed to comply with its transparency obligations when it has called for candidacies for the C.E.N.I. According to this association, this is just about a “bad-taste circus” because the identities of the C.E.N.I. members were already known by the Malagasy state before it issued its decree of appointment. The C.N.M.D.D.H. asked for two things: the deferred execution and the  cancellation of the decree. The council of state has decided to reject the request for deferred execution.



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