The official estbalishments of the Parliament of the Transition is on the way

Yesterday afternoon, one of the transitional institutions was solemnly set up: the CST (High Council of the Transition).

According to the political agreement of Ivato (August 11th, 2010) and the resolutions of the national conference which took place on September 14-18, a transitional parliament will be set up: the CST and the CT (Transitional Congress). The CST will play the rule of the upper chamber, the senate. The CT will play the rule of the lower chamber, the national assembly. These 02 parliamentary bodies will remain on power only for few months until March 16th, 2011, date of the first legislative elections of the 04th republic.

The location of the CST is in Anosy, at the Senate house. It is constituted by 90 “high counselors”. Here is the political distribution of the CST seats:

president of the HAT: 06 people;

prominent citizens: 06 people (prominent due to their deeds and their respectability within the Malagasy society – vague concept – traditional and useless social category);

TGV political party: 10 people;

UDR Fanovana: 25 people (the UDR Fanovana is a political association which gathers all the political parties which back Andry Rajoelina and his HAT)

ESCOPOL: 18 people (the ESCOPOL is a political association which gathers all the political parties and associations which took part into the drafting of the Ivato political agreement of August 11th, 2010)

HSPM: 02 people

AREMA: 02 people

TIM: 21 people

According to the minister of finances and budget, Mr. Hery Rajaonarimampianina, the corrective finances act has already provided a budget for the CST: 14,832,736,697 Ariary. Knowing the lifestyle in which Malagasy MPs are used to, it is obvious that such budget will not be enough for the CST members.

Yesterday, there were some CST members who were already ready to vote for their permanent board. Such permanent board will be constituted by 01 president and 06 vice president. After some argues, they finally agreed on setting up an ad hoc committee which will prepare the board elections and draft the CST internal rules. These internal rules will be presented to the CST members during their first General Assembly tomorrow. This ad hoc committee is constituted by 02 representatives from each members-entities.

Today afternoon, the lower chamber of the transition will be officially established: the CT, in Tsimbazaza at the National Assembly house. It will be constituted by:

president of the HAT: 07 people;

discretionary power of the HAT president: 11 people (discretionary power on what?);

prominent citizens: 22people;

TGV: 52 people;

UDR Fanovana: 29 people;

ESCOPOL: 62 people;

HSPM: 07 people;

AREMA: 07 people;

The “Other Sensitivities”: 07 people (very vague political concept – aims to identify political trends other than the (former?) four movements)

TIM: 52 people.

Question: After the establishment ceremony of the CT today afternoon in Tsimbazaza, is the HAT (High Authority of the Transition) definitively and legally dead?


3 thoughts on “The official estbalishments of the Parliament of the Transition is on the way

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