Pierre Van Den Boogoarde leaves Madagascar

“The IMF leaves Madagascar” This is the headline of today’s L’Express de Madagascar

Actually, it is the resident representative (or head of mission) of IMF who leaves Madagascar: Mr. Pierre Van Den Boogoerde. The question of closing the local representation in Madagascar will be debated soon at the IMF’s headquarters.

What does really mean such departure? What’s behind it? According to Mr. Pierre Van Den Boogoerde, the IMF has not yet decided about his replacement and the future of the local representation office. Will there be a replacement? If we rely on the IMF principles, it is sure that this international institution will act like the USA: having no official and diplomatic head of mission until the return to constitutionnal order.

One thing is sure, the employees of the IMF representation must be worried for their jobs and future. If the rumour about the closing of the IMF representation office is confirmed, the Andry Rajoelina’s “orange revolution” will make more innocent victims.

The IMF, apart from its budgetarian aids in Madagascar, plays also the role of a “gendarme” for all financial transactions between madagascar and the other countries, and above all it is the watchdog on all public finances issues. If the IMF really leaves Madagascar, even if Madagascar does not need anymore its help and assistance, how will we end up with Andry Rajoelina and his HAT?

To be continued …


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