A sweet thought for politicians …

It’s been a long, long time that I haven’t posted anything here … Struggling with everyday life is not easy … especially in Madagascar. Now Malagasy people do not live anymore … they survive. With all they are obliged to face everyday, they do not have anymore a minute (or the will) to sit down and “appreciate” the poor (in terms of quality) show of Malagasy politicians struggling for a piece of seat within the next government, the new CST (High Counsil of Transition), the new CT (Transition Congress) or in any useless official body. Like many others, I tried to carefully follow the political dialogues, but I quickly ended up with a “WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING”. I have the feeling that instead of having a real debate on the substance of the transition or/and the IVth Republic, what the Malagasy politicians do now is just a competition of “empty speech”.

Political plague!

The representatives from SADC who took part into the last political dialogue in Vontovorona (the one who ended up on August 27th) can witness it: Malagasy politicians do not have the skills and the basic required intelligence to end this crisis or at least to agree on a common political settlement plan. Malagasy politicians are just like circus monkeys: they are there to entertain people … entertain people? But who wants to laugh, to smile or to clap in this crisis? At least, they should stop pretending that they negotiate for the good of the country. Why don’t Malagasy politicians just stop speaking and polluting our intelligence?During Ravalomanana’s era, this latter hated Malagasy politicians. “Just good for living room talk” He said.  Actually, Malagasy politicians are afraid to face the real challenges from real life, it means: a life where they have to WORK to live, to feed their family, … They are afraid because they know NOTHING! During Ravalomanana’s era, they felt themselves as a kind of endangered species because the former president did not need them at all to make decisions … Now that the “business-minded dictator” is kicked away, they now live another renaissance, the HAT transition and this never ending crisis  gave them the unique and priceless opportunity to justify their own existence: to talk and to talk with complicated and useless vocabularies in a comfortable room. Their favorite majors: “empty literature” and “fake law”. You might say it is the case in every country which has politicians … I don’t know, the difference may be is that here in Madagascar, politicians take part into the destruction of the country. Thanks to Andry Rajoelina, the crisis that his orange revolution triggered, the French backing, the treachery of the Malagasy Army, and last but not least, the cowardice of Malagasy people, Malagasy politicians are back on stage to create more problems.


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