“Blogs and Bullets: Evaluating the impact of new media on conflict”

15 minutes ago, I have seen on the Facebook status of a blogger friend a very interesting link: it is an International conference organized by George Washington University (GWU) and the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) on the impact of new media on conflict. This will take place on July 08th, 2010 at the USIP headquarters (USA, Washington DC). SipaKV, a very active female Malagasy blogger will take part in it. I guess she will have a lot of things to share on it.

Here is the link: “Blogs and Bullets: Evaluating the impact of new media on conflict”

In a country which is destabilized by armed or/and political conflicts, “traditional press” tends to be censored or threaten by the domineering force (an illegal and unconstitutional transitional administration for example ;-)). In most of cases, when a country faces a political crisis, the so-called traditional press (written, online, TV and radio) is also used as a tool (propaganda and political sensitization). Such situation spoils press freedom and credibility and consequently the so-called “new media” is deemed by the “consumers” (Yeah i know, you hate that word …) as a more trustful and more accurate source of information.

New media

New media is mostly constituted by blogs and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, …). I think that its main characteristic is the active involvement of “anyone” (yeah you the consumers) on collecting and sharing news. Anyone who witnesses some facts and wants to report them / Anyone who wants to voice its concern about some unfair situations, can contribute and become by its own a kind of “underground journalist”.

Are bloggers journalists?

NO. Definitely not because we just report what we see and think as our own truth. No, because we favor more our opinion than the facts themselves. But it happens that sometimes according to the situation where we are and what we live, we give to ourselves the sacred duty to inform people when facing failure of traditional media.

But … do we always tell the truth ???

Yes and No … Actually it depends on each and everyone. One thing is sure: like any citizen, we have our own belief and political opinion and it mainly influences our posts.


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