Silo Rice Mill is dying piece by piece

“Silo Rice Mill” is a company which belongs to the TIKO Group. It is mainly involved on rice operations throughout Madagascar.

Two huge engines which belong to this company located in Vohodiala,Alaotra, were reported to be missing last Friday. The gendarmes made their on site investigations the day after and noticed that there was no evidence of infringement: the gate, the doors, the windows were intact.There are guards who kept the premises of the company but they noticed or heard nothing.

This company, due to the current political crisis and regular threats against the employees, has suspended its operations since the former president, Marc Ravalomanana, main owner of TIKO Group, was ousted by a coup backed by the Malagasy Army. Since there, many goods and materials belonging to Silo Rice Mill have been stolen. Such situation made the operations of Silo Rice Mill impossible.

This theft is considered as a lethal strike against the company because these two big engines were the key technical parts of the material structure of the company. There is no hope of production recovery without them …


3 thoughts on “Silo Rice Mill is dying piece by piece

  1. By my own sources, similar facts are current upon Tiko assets, mainly since March 17, 2009. It seems to me that Madagascar is going to “Star” city, “TGV terminal”, etc.

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