“Teny Ifampierana” or fake dialogue?

The national workshop named “Teny Ifampierana” organized by the HAT (High Authority of the Transition), started yesterday and is scheduled to finish today at the International Conference Center Ivato, Antananarivo.This workshop is aimed to gather all the political parties, all the associations of the civil society, the Army, the Churches, the religious associations, the Unions and so on, to brainstorm about the conduct of the transition.

This national workshop, in which the four main political opposition movements did not take part, is viewed as the reply from Andry Rajoelina and the HAT to the International condemnation of a unilateral, undemocratic, unconstitutionnal, and exclusive conduct of the transition in Madagascar.

Obviously, Andry Rajoelina, in need of International recognition, wants to give a participatory image (and respectable?) to his transition. The most important thing for him is to make the International community believe that the orange revolution (January – March 2009) which ousted the former president Marc Ravalomanana, was not a military backed coup but just the expression of the will from the whole Malagasy people (the so-called “Vahoaka”) to end Ravalomana’s dictatorship.

Even if it is deemed to be a “brainstorming session”, Andry Rajoelina has already warned that there are “unremovable” points which cannot be discussed nor negotiated:

– no way back to the resolutions of Maputo and Addis-Ababa;

– his title of president of the transition cannot be challenged;

– there must be legislative elections


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