Following the advice of one of my good friend saveoursmile, I will try for this afternoon to forget all about politics and blog about something else which surely matters to me.

Today is my birthday. To be honest with you, since I was old enough to think by myself,Β  I do not really like celebrating my birthday … It is a sort of indefinable feeling that prevents me from jumping till the ceiling when the day of February 04th comes …

But one thing is sure, I do appreciate when people remember it. That is the case today, especially on facebook. Woooaoo, I didn’t know that I had so many great friends there! No one in my office (in my new job) knew that it was my birthday today, … well, that’s quite normal, we don’t know one another very well yet (I have started only on January). It’s better like that because they have a kind of tradition which provides that any employer who celebrates his/her birthday has to pay some snacks and drink to everybody … I can’t afford that yet! I’m deadly broke! So much the better they do not know it and I forbid you to let the cat out of the bag …

How old am I? Pffuuiii, I’m now old enough to act, to behave and to think like a “mature” man (lol). I can tell it but after I have to kill you. Is age that important? I don’t think so … but I can’t put out of my mind that I get older and older every year. I feel it as a kind of frustrating and slow walk towards my final destination: DEATH (now I know you’re getting scared). I know that I’m too old to think about death but I just don’t like this kind of “obligation” that years put on you to be, to think and to act as an older one. Sometimes, I would like to have my young years back and to feel again the nirvana of carelessness. Like many others now, I sigh when I perceive some taste from my past, it can be an old song, an old movie, the sight of my former school, … I don’t regret the past, I just love it more than I appreciate the present life. This is the reason why I sometimes do not celebrate my birthday (by my own) … because it is the time that I feel nostalgia. Nostalgia of a school, of a place, of some of my loved ones who are not with us anymore, … (by the way, the word “NOSTALGIA” sounds so great, it would be nice to have it as a name of a night club, what do you think?)

Today is my birthday. When I woke up in the morning (who wakes up at night?), I felt a huge nostalgia. My wife greeted me with a warm and sweet “Happy Birthday Honey” When I opened my Facebook page, I was so happy to see all the great (and sometimes funny) Birthday wishes from most of my friends. My parents and my sisters kissed me and also wished me a very happy Birthday. Thanks to all of that, today was not a bad day … that’s obvious because today is my birthday.


9 thoughts on “TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY

  1. Happy Birthday, mate! It’s my birthday too – and a significant milestone this year….
    Enjoying following events vicariously through your blog – Just wish we could be back in sunny Mahajanga. Keep up the good work…

  2. Happy birthday man πŸ™‚
    We can’t stop ages but we can stop being “matotra” from time to time lol

  3. also, and this is my main point here,
    **go out and have fun**
    you need to celebrate man!
    You only have a single birthday per year. If you celebrate the independence day or christmas or easter… or, you know, any other nonsense festivity out there, you gotta celebrate your birthday. I mean, dude, you cannot be more lame than having dinner alone with your wife on the eve your birthday. Come on, we’re young and we’re awesome, we’re better than that and this is definitely not the dream πŸ˜‰
    also, you gotta get new friends at work. I mean, who makes you pay your own birthday party?? geeeeeezzz man, i bet the Taliban are way cooler than that…
    so yeah, stick with the old friends and have fun, this is your day.
    happy birthday!!

  4. okay, a belate comment, but a comment anyway πŸ™‚
    Do you know that feb 4th is also the bday of my daughter … Often times, when people tend to relate to their kid’s life anything that happens in their own life – most of us would say “he’s old” … You know what? I say damn it… As they say “”” “age is just a number” … You’d rather think “you’re like a fine wine, you’re better with time” … Life is full of events that the cyberobserver would love to cover, so forget about age and nostalgia and think about the next reflexion you’ll have on any future situation …

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