CMA – CGM Madagascar and rosewood trafficking

The environment of Madagascar is in a critical situation due to the illegal logging and fraudulent MASSIVE export of Malagasy rosewood. This situation has started when the Malagasy political turmoil has worsen and when Marc Ravalomanana, the former president of the “red island”, has really lost his control over the country. The rosewood trafficking is not the only “environmental crime” which has occured but it remains the worst ecological disaster that Madagascar has experienced.

Nowadays, it appears that the rosewood trafficking involves also a “big” French shipping company: CMA – CGM. Through its Malagasy subsidiary, CMA – CGM Madagascar (which parent company is headquartered in Marseille, France), this shipping company ships out of Madagascar’s sea borders countless containers of illegaly logged rosewood.

“Everybody is deemed to know the law” CMA – CGM knows very well that through transporting illegal goods, it is liable to penalties. These goods (the rosewood) are considered by the law as illegal when their logging have been illegaly made … which is clearly the fact here, and CMA – CGM knows IT!

CMA – CGM Madagascar is among the four great shipping companies which operate in Madagascar: CMA – CGM, UAFL, Spanfreight and Safmarine. These three laters have agreed to stop carrying rosewood following criticism but CMA – CGM remains “very active” despite repeated complaints from conservation groups. Such behaviour reflects the general attitude of French economic leaders in Madagascar: arrogant and contemptuous. Such behavious is promoted by a sense of impunity provided by the current Malagasy state led by Andry Nirina Rajoelina who is believed as very close to French interests.

Facing all of these criticisms, CMA – CGM Madagascar has declared that it has already obtained an authorization from the minister of environment and forests … No kidding! And if you were granted with an authorization to ship slaves, would you do it ???

According to the conservation groups, CMA – CGM has, at many times, been warned that the goods they carry were of illegal origin, but this French company just don’t care …

With the CMA- CGM’ s acts in Madagascar, it is the global image and reputation of French companies which are spoilt.


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