How not to be pessimistic for Madagascar AGO program

I am very pessimistic” The US Ambassador, Neils Marquart, said yesterday to journalists concerning the continuation of the AGO program in Madagascar. Yesterday was the deadline for the Malagasy authorities (note that I do not write “Malagasy government”) to comply with the conditions to have the AGO back for 2010.

Through the mouth of an ambassador, and especially, in regards to the untold rules of International diplomacy, such statement may really mean something else. According to the practices, diplomatic statements are sometimes used to mitigate a truth which should not be disclosed yet. It is also used to prepare the public for an unavoidable event. May be the US Ambassador wanted to launch the following message: “You Guys have failed. You have missed your last chance to get the AGO for 2010. There will be no Madagascar AGO 2010”. If this is the real unbearable truth, it is now time for the 200,000 local future joblesses to look seriously for another job or another activity to survive.

Yesterday was also the last day given to the Malagasy authorities to apply for the renewal of the AGO program for 2010. AGO program is an annual economic program which needs to be renewed every December. I do not know till now if the Malagasy authorities (especially the ministry of trade) have done such application.

Here is a very strong and appealing evidence that confirms my (understable) pessimism concerning the fate that is reserved to the Madagascar AGO program: Last Friday (12.11.2009), the US congress voted to cancel the eligibility of Madagascar under AGO. But despite such vote, the final decision belongs to the president Barack Obama. Actually, like in Madagascar, the president has to enact (to promulgate) the act to make it enforceable.

According to the last information I have, the US government (through a statement from Ian Kelly, Sopkesman of the US state department) decided last night to give 10 more days of deadline for the Malagasy authorities to set up a national unity and consensus transitional government (an administration which is 100% agreed by the four political movements, the Army, the civil society, the private sector, the civil servants, and by the people (the so called “vahoaka”)), and to restore the “rule of law”. Madagascar then has till next Tuesday to comply with these conditions, otherwise, there will be Madagascar AGO program for 2010.


3 thoughts on “How not to be pessimistic for Madagascar AGO program

  1. Malagasy people should think about the following question:
    Who are the origins of these failures ( no AGOA, no international recognition, thousand of jobless, …)? They must be punished whoever they are.

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