The possible reply of SADC

The SADC is quite unhappy with the decision of Madagascar (decision made by the current “de facto” Malagasy authorities, led by Andry Nirina Rajoelina) to ban all flights from Mozambic, Kenya, and South Africa. Andry Nirina Rajoelina has instructed his minister of transport, Rolland Ranjatoelina, to issue a ministerial order which bans all flights from or / and to Mozambic, Kenya and South Africa. This is to forbid all the participants to the negotiations round of Maputo III to come back home (mainly the delegations of the three political movements).

Since Monday, the SADC has handled unformal meetings to find the “appropriate reply” to this Madagascar’s decision. Unofficially, the SADC may ban the SADC’s air space to all flights of Air Madagascar. This also means that the planes of Air Madagascar would not be allowed even to overfly SADC countries. There are several african countries which would be involved in this “blockade”, such as: South Africa, Mauritius, Mozambic, Zambia, Angola, Swaziland, Rwanda, …

If this decision becomes effective, it will be disastrous for Air Madagascar and its partners.


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