How about the AGO’s trade benefits for 2010?

Today is the deadline given by the U.S. government for the Malagasy authorities to take concrete steps towards restablishing a constitutional democratic government and the rule of law. Such steps were deemed as crucial for Madagascar to keep on benefiting from the AGO’s trade benefits. Concretely, the U.S. authorities would like the “de facto” Malagasy authorities and the main local political actors (the four movements):

  • to set up the full transitional government cabinet (the so-called inclusive and national unity government), by December 15th, 2009;
  • to set up the national reconciliation council (led by Zafy Albert), by December 15th, 2009;
  • to show clear progress towards establishing an independant electoral commission, by December 15th, 2009;
  • to set up an election deadline with an obligation to provide the International community with a regular update, by December 15th, 2009;

The full transitional government cabinet

The four movements failed to reach a modus vivendi on the composition of the government. The president of the transition, Andry Nirina Rajoelina, has refused to take part into the last negotiations in Maputo (proposed by the three other movements and organized by the IGC), and has rejected the pertaining resolutions (Maputo resolutions dated December 08th, 2009). Andry Rajoelina is now dealing with the Army to set up a new government. He has already contacted Monja Roindefo but this latter was not anymore interested to come back to the seat of prime minister.

The national reconciliation council

This body is scheduled to be led by the former president, Zafy Albert. According to Zafy Albert, this institution is ready to work despite the fact that the Rajoelina’s movement has not given yet its list of representatives.

The independant electoral commission

Till now, this commission which is deemed as the key institution for the future presidential elections (and the referendum on the new constitution of Madagascar), is not yet set up.

The election deadline

Till now, the “de facto” Malagasy authorities have failed to propose clear schedule for the first presidential elections of the IVth republic.

When will the president Barack Obama give his decision ? Malagasy people is waiting!


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