Impossible Mission in Madagascar

The (real) consensus government of Eugene Mangalaza was not set up last Saturday as initially scheduled. The four movements could not reach an agreement on the sharing of the cabinet posts.Immediately after the announcement that negotiations have failed, the co-president Fetison Rakoto Andrianirina declared that the presidential council and the prime minister have decided to resume negotiations abroad. The president (of the transition) Andry Nirina Rajoelina has required the maintaining of the current ministers in regard to the “principle of the continuity of the state” (can he legally rely on that?). The former president Zafy Albert accused Andry Rajoelina for being the “main obstacle” for the consensus (actually, the Rajoelina’s movement requires ALL the “ministries of sovereignty”). The former president Didier Ignace Ratsiraka “begs” all the parties to reach an agreement for the good of Malagasy people.

The proposal of Didier Ignace Ratsiraka

Yesterday (Monday November 23rd) through a phone call during TV+ news broadcast (a private TV station which belongs to him), the “red admiral” proposed to the leaders of the other three movements to meet as soon as possible in Paris at the Madagascar embassy. He also proposed other locations in Paris such as the offices of the OIF (International Organization of the Francophonie) or the UNESCO. He said that the costs related to the travels and the accomodations would not be too important (…) for the Malagasy state.

The hesitation of Joacquim Chissano

Joacquim Chissano, former president of Mozambic, has expressed his reservations about another meeting between the four leaders outside Madagascar. And what if these future negotiations will be held at the Madagascar embassy in Paris (following Ratsiraka’s proposal)?

The stand of Andry Nirina Rajoelina

Backed by a “group of Young Officers” led by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Andrianasoavina and Lieutenant Colonel Rene Lylison (both heads of the FIS (Special Intervention Force) and security advisors of the presidency), Andry Nirina Rajoelina asks for all the ministries of sovereignty (homeland security – defence – interior – state secretary of the gendarmerie – foreign affairs – finance). According to him, the resolutions of Addis-Abebahave legally devoted him as a real and SOLE chief of state. Due to his position, he thinks that it is his right to require all the ministries of sovereignty. He forgot to mention that, according to the Addis-Abeba convention, he has to share his quality of chief of state with the two co-presidents: Emmanuel Rakotovahiny and Fetison Rakoto Andrianirina, within the presidency council.

The revelation of  Zafy Albert

The professor Zafy Albert, last Sunday, expressed his anger and disappointment against Andry Nirina Rajoelina and his movement. He accused Andry Nirina Rajoelina for “sticking” to a secret agreement entered between him and Didier Ignace Ratsiraka in France: the agreement of Malmaison. According to Zafy Albert,the witnesses and facilitators to this secret agreement were: Tiebile Drame (special emissary of the UN) and Beatrice Lederle (special representative of the ministry of French foreign affairs).

Nowadays, the political situation in Madagascar remains uncertain and all the Malagasy people are more and more afraid of international sanctions and, above all, of a complete break of the relationships between Madagascar and International donors such as EU, IMF and WB.

Because of the procrastination of politicians, the future of the whole Malagasy people remains darker and darker. But … tell me … WHO IS THE REAL PROBLEM OF THIS COUNTRY ?!


5 thoughts on “Impossible Mission in Madagascar

  1. Malagasy are the problem of this country. Politicians manipulated us. We don’t even know what we really need to improve ourlife.

    International community are also a big problem, they don’t want to leave us alone because of some political and economical interest.

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