Following the proposal from the three movements (Zafy – Ratsiraka – Ravalomanana), yesterday in Carlton Hotel, to give the power to militaries to settle the political deadlock created by the intransigence of the Rajoelina movement to make concessions on the power-sharing of the positions of president, vice-president, prime minister of the transitional administration, the Malagasy Army has just made an official declaration today at the International Conference Centre of Ivato. This declaration has been brought by the Major General Claude Ravelomanana, Secretary of State of the National Gendarmerie, and is stated in seven parts:

Part 01: The Malagasy Army is united;

Part 02: The Malagasy Army denounces all act aiming to destabilize the solidarity of the Malagasy Army;

Part 03: In compliance with the resolutions of tyhe military assizes, the Malagasy Army does not get involved in politics;

Part 04: The Malagasy Army advocates the National Sovereignty;

Part 05: The Armed Forces refuse the establishment of a Mili tary Executive;

Part 06: The Armed Forces will condemn all appointment which have not been granted with a prior authorization from the relevant authorities within the Malagasy Army;

Part 07: The Armed Forces maintain a neutral stand and remain the defender of the supreme interest of the nation.



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