According to the recent press conference made by the trade minister (August 24), Jean Claude Rakotonirina, it is obvious that “transitional solidarity” is not anymore the watchword for the current leaders in Madagascar. Actually, this latter has accused 02 important members of the HAT (High Authority of the Transition): Pety Rakotoniaina and Jean Eugène Voninahitsy, for illegaly bringing out the rice which belongs to TIKO Group, and selling them with a unit price of MGA 500 per Kgs.

On August 20, a restricted cabinet meeting decided to entrust the sale of the TIKO rice to the trade ministry with a unit price of MGA 800 per Kgs. In this press conference, the minister has declared that:

– the looting on the TIKO rice still keeps on at the port of Toamasina;

– Jean Eugène Voninahitsy and Pety Rakotoniaina contatced him on August 21 to have their rice quota with a price of MGA 500 but he has never accepted to grant them with a market approval;

– nowadays, instead of 34,000 T of TIKO rice, there is only 10,000 T;

– the former entity which has been entrusted  to sell the TIKO rice (the operational cell, set up by a decree), still keeps on to do it with a price of MGA 500 per Kgs, and refuses to hand over all the documents (even if it has been duly and officially notified about the new decisions);

– nowadays, the trade ministry has no data about the amount recovered following the sale of the rice made by this operational cell (such data is requested by the lawyers of TIKO group);

– the Malagasy state will lose about MGA 8,000,000,000 if the TIKO rice is still sold with a unit price of MGA 500 per Kgs;

– the members of this operational cell (constituted by officers from the ministry of justice, ministry of finance, ministry of homeland security, and people from “civil society”), will be suspended from their duties.

The current PDS (president of the special delegation – a sort of acting mayor) of Fianarantsoa replied during a press conference yesterday (August 31) that he has just bought rice like anyone. According to him, he has just made rice trade like everybody. He did not deny that he has “touched” the rice of TIKO, but he has stressed on the fact that he has done all the operations in compliance with all the procedures and the rules of trade. Is Pety Rakotoniaina a rice dealer or a PDS? As far as I know, the duties of a PDS are not compatible with private trade and businesses. Mixing public affairs and private business is very dangerous, the former president, Marc Ravalomanana knows it very well ….

Pety Rakotonina, PDS of Fianarantsoa
Pety Rakotonina, PDS of Fianarantsoa

Pety Rakotoniaina also counter-attacked with the allegation that the minister of trade has also stolen 1,850 T of the TIKO rice to sell them after with a price of MGA 500 per Kgs. The PDS of Fianarantsoa declared that he has all the proofs about such illegal transaction.



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