Manandafy is back on stage

A very important claim from the Ravalomanana movement (the “legalistics”) was fullfilled today: Manandafy Rakotonirina was released today morning at 09.00am Madagascar time (06.00am GMT) from his detention residency in Mantasoa. Such release was possible because he has finally accepted to sign a commitment letter which obliged him not to get involved in any political events which may create political and social tensions in Madagascar during the period of the transition (15 months from the day Andry Rajoelina, Marc Ravalomanana, Didier Ratsiraka and Zafy Albert, signed the Maputo convention), yesterday evening. In this letter, the last prime minister of the president Marc Ravalomanana, agreed that he will respect the Maputo convention.

He arrived at the International airport of Ivato in the afternoon in order to join the members of the Ravalomanana delegation who were scheduled to take a flight for Maputo. The police authorities of the airport immediately notified him that he can not leave the country because a prohibition of exit against him,was still in force. After some phone calls to the ministry of justice, the prosecutor, and the direct intervention of the ministry of interior, Manandafy Rakotonirina, who looked very exhausted could finally take his flight with the Ravalomanana movement.

Mrs. Ihanta Andriamandrato (who has been recently released against the signing of the famous commitment letter), Mr. Harinaivo Randrianantoandro (he also has been recently released), Mr. Mamy Rakotoarivelo (former TIM’s MP), and Rev. Andriamanampy (head of the political party AM3FM), were also part of the Ravalomanana delegation for Maputo II.

The delegation led by Andry Rajoelina also left Madagascar today afternoon for Maputo. This delegation is the most important in terms of number because it is composed by many members from the HAT (High Authority of Transition) and from the current government. The prime minister, Monja Roindefo is also part of the delegation. The delegations led by zafy Albert and Didier Ratsiraka remained unchanged.

The meeting of the four movements will start tomorrow in Maputo. This event which is widely known as “Maputo II” will be about the distribution of the “new political positions” which were created by the Maputo convention (Maputo I).


3 thoughts on “Manandafy is back on stage

  1. The former transitional government has released Manandafy because its leaders are obliged to proceed to such release. In fact, by signing the Maputo convention, they undertake to release all the prisoners related to the 2009 political event.However, a question needs an answer: Do they( tgv) really keep their promises?

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