The HAT and the security forces are ready “to take their responsabilities”

This is what the commander-in-chief of the “gendarmerie” for the jurisdiction of Antananarivo, Colonel Richard Ravalomanana, declared yesterday during a press conference. Frustrated by the perseverance of the daily legalist rally in MAGRO’s premises, Antananarivo (MAGRO Antananarivo is one of Marc Ravalomanana’s companies, completely looted and burnt by pro-Andry Rajoelina rioters on January 26th, 2009), and especially by the boldness of the legalist ralliers to do public march in order to join the MAGRO place, the HAT and the security forces (Army – Gendarmerie – Police) have decided to ban all political meetings. They justified their decision with the assertion that political events disturb the young malagasy students who have to face their BEPC exam and favor the current terrorist bombing attacks.

As obvious consequence of such decision, the security forces will surely ban today’s legalist rally in MAGRO Antananarivo. Since the beginning of the bombing attacks … sorry, the discovery of the small-scale bombs throughout Antananarivo, the Colonel Richard Ravalomanana, who is in charge of the investigations, has always asserted that the sources of these terrorist acts were located in MAGRO Antananarivo, among the legalist movement. Most of the political leaders of the legalist movement have been arrested. This was the case of last week arrests of Mr. Harinaivo Andrianatoandro (former MP, TIM), Mr. Mejamirado (current CEO of KRAOMITA company), Mr. Razakariasy (former general secretary of the ministry of finances), and Mr. Alain Rabesahala (former head of PGDI).

This morning, on my way to office, the trucks of the security forces were already stationned in Ankorondrano, waiting for instructions. Wait and see …



  1. Waiting for more news… later. My attempts to get through to Tana by telephone were unsuccessful. Only the 34 seemed to work, but the person I called was not available.

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