CAPINTEL informs its clients that it will soon leave Madagascar
CAPINTEL informs its clients that it will soon leave Madagascar

Yesterday, around 06.00pm (Madagascar time), I was surprised to see that it was impossible to connect to internet. Each time, I type the address of a web site (I tried with Google, WordPress, Gmail, Twitter, Delicious, …), I was always redirected to an announcement page of CAPINTEL.

CAPINTEL is an internet provider. In order to be able to act in Madagascar, it has recently bought an existing Malagasy internet provider: SIMICRO.

In its announcement, CAPINTEL says that:

“Due to a dispute between the company and TELMA (CAPINTEL works with the TELMA line for its internet connection), to the destruction of some of its premises during the Malagasy crisis, and especially, to the global climate of economic crisis, CAPINTEL is obliged to leave Madagascar and to put an end to all of its business and activities in Madagascar”

Now CAPINTEL is the latest innocent victim of this stupid crisis. How many “collateral damages” should occur, before the HAT (High Authority of Transition) of Andry Rajoelina, former Antananarivo mayor and self-proclaimed head of state, will discover that their “orange revolution” has created more harm than improvement?

Who’s next?



  1. I also blame the HAT because my dog was died yesterday,
    I put the blame on the HAT because I lost my court case yesterday.
    I blame andry rajoelina because there are not many shoppers to buy my goods.
    I blame the Mayoress of Antananarivo because there a tons of rubbish in my kitchen yard!!!!

    I blame the prime minister Roindefo because my sister had a surgery and she is died now,
    I blame the minister of health because Michael Jackson is died and so on…
    Sir, do you really think that if DAda is still in power none of those things happen?
    If your dada really cares about his children why doesn’t he rebuild tiko and magro to allow them to work again?
    If your dada(TIM) really had many supporters as you said, why don’t you put the pressure on the Hat to held an election as soon as possible? You can take part as the tim candidate and when you win you bring dada home!!! as simple as that!!!
    my e-mail address

  2. It had nothing to do with the crisis I think coz internet users per habita soar than before. As you said it’s a technical/commercial problem with their main provider TELMA because they hire line and buy bandwidth using mainly modem connection (not like Blueline/Gulfsat, Dts/Moov satelite), may be the Telma service became too costly for them.

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