sadness in Antsirabe

Dear cyber friends, I am really happy to announce you that I am now blogging from Antsirabe (region of Vakinakaratra). I arrived in this beautiful town today at 07.30am Madagascar time. I went here by “Taxi-Brousse” with Ariniaina. Actually, we have both decided to take a leave in order to travel to other pleasant places.

Antsirabe is well known for its high industrial capacities and its fertile soil. But since the “change” of power which occured, it has also been very famous for the intensity of the Ravalomanana supporters’ movement.

Almost every day, people were used to gather in the “place de l’independance” (independance square) and in the “Kianjan’ I Karmaly” (Karmaly square) to protest against the military-backed coup d’etat of Andry Rajoelina.

Since the decision of the Monja Roindefo’s governement (through decree) to ban all political rallies throughout Madagascar, pro-Ravalomanana rallies have remained unstopped … until today …

Yesterday, local security forces warned people that they would not tolerate anymore public meetings. Nevertheless, Ravalomanana followers could held their meeting at Karmaly square.

Today, the whole town was heavily kept by militaries. All the “strategic places” were kept by heavily armed security forces.

As a result, people could not – for the very first time since the beginning of this crisis – handle their daily rallies.

Nowadays, most of people in Antsirabe are sad.


3 thoughts on “sadness in Antsirabe

  1. “to protest against the military-backed coup d’etat of Andry Rajoelina.”
    let me translate it from dada’s son point of view: fozaorana protest against the military-backed dictator; ravalomanana

    when the military is on ravalomanana’s side (they kill people) they are called “tia tanindrazana”when they are on people’s side (they don’t want to kill people anymore) they are called “mpamadika”
    the same military bearing two different names!!!!
    keep on disinforming the world mr andrydago!!!! it will sharpen your disinfroming skills

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