Ravaloamanana accuses France

The president Marc Ravalomanana, early this morning, has made a declaration through Fahazavana radio (FM 88.6) and Radio Mada (FM 100.8), accusing France of backing the coup d’état which has ousted him.

He also said that nowadays France tries to incite most of French speaking African countries to recognise the HAT (High Authority of Transition) administration.

This is the very first time that the president Marc Ravalomanana has publicly accused France, even if for all the “legalist” supporters, such support was more than obvious since the beginning of the crisis.

“France is still led by people who do not bear the economic, political and cultural emancipation of former French colonies” he said.

“Colonialism is back! We have to fight against it to free our country … whatever it takes …” he added.

Normally, in most of countries, political exiles are under an obligation of reserve. This implies the banning to make any political declaration and activity. Nowadays, the president Marc Ravalomanana is in South Africa; does it mean then that such view is shared by South African governement? It would be interesting to have the opinion of the South African’s ambassador on that …

Relationships between independant nations are governed by a sort of untold “hypocrisy diplomacy” rule which provides for maintaining an external apprearance of  “polite” relationship between nations. The president Marc Ravalomanana may have strong evidences of his assertions against France. This is the reason why he “dared” to break this “diplomatic silence” in which he is subject to. It would be also interesting to get the views of Jean Marc Chataigner, the French ambassador…


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