Rinah Rakotomanga ousted by GTT in Paris

After the disappointment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the HAT, Ny Hasina Andriamanjato, during his visit to the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris, the HAT has sent this time Rinah Rakotomanga, a close collaborator to Tantely Andrianarivo (former Didier Ratsiraka’s primeminister) and Monja Roindefo (HAT primeminister) as a new counselor.

This latter hoped it would be sufficient simply to be accompanied by 3 bodyguards to take possession of an embassy gained strongly to President Marc Ravalomanana. That was without knowing the elements of the Malagasy diaspora, including members of the Group “Gasy Tia Tanindrazana” (GTT).

Tuesday, there were many GTT elements who came “to kick her out”. “We expelled manu militari the lady, the bodyguards could do nothing facing the high number of members from the GTT. Furthermore, the portrait of the President Marc Ravalomanana that she had removed, was delivered to its initial place within the embassy”, a GTT member said.



After heated discussions with the GTT members, she left the premises of the Embassy and called the police. As in the attempt to introduce in the “foyer malgache d’Arago”, the police have found that it is mandated by an illegal government that France and international bodies still recognise as undemocratic and unconstitutional . She then had to leave.

“Later, at the close of business, she returned with a half-dozen of hooligans, who claimed to be members of the CRN of former president Zafy Albert. No incidents have been reported, France is a state of law.

To show its support for the GTT and to show their disagreement with the HAT. All employees of the embassy decided to go on strike on May 20th the entire day.



Henceforth, the embassy helped by the GTT people, has announced it will step up checks at the entrance to its doors. An intercom will be placed into service and all persons shall identify themselves and ring before coming in. This would be expected to prevent the entry of members of the HAT.


2 thoughts on “Rinah Rakotomanga ousted by GTT in Paris

  1. for those who don’t know gtt stands for gasy tia tena! which means selfish malagasy people living abroad!
    if they really love their country why don’t they bring their knowledge home ? why do they continue to serve the former colonial power? i think that it never enters their mind to come back here in mada!!!!
    what a shame for the Great Island to have such “citizens”?
    it doesn’t matter if france or other so-called international community recognize or not the HAT as long as the malagasy people recognize it!!! ramandriaka@yahoo.fr

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