MCA project is cancelled

The first official expression of the denial of Andry Rajoelina’s transitional administration from the US governement, occured on Tuesday.

Indeed, the MCC (Millenium Challenge Corporation), in a meeting of its board of directors chaired by Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, decided on Tuesday (May 19th, 2009) to put an end on all of MCA’s activities in Madagascar.

The main and only reason for such decision is that it does not agree with the undemocratic and unconstitutional change in Madagascar. The US governement, in particular, the US state department, can not endorse “such acts” through maintaining its financing programs for economical projects and assistance.

Rodney Bent, the ai CEO of MCC, expressed his deep regret because it has been shown that MCA project, since its creation on April 2005, has been successful and helped many poor people.

The contract between the Malagasy state and the MCC in April 2005, which created the MCA, has provided for a funding of US$ 110,000,000 for 05 years. The project mainly dealt with strengthening agri-business sector and land reform in Madagascar. In terms of financing, the MCA was the most important US economical assistance in Madagascar.

02 weeks ago, the US ambassador in Madagascar, Niels Marquardt, have already warned the HAT (High Authority of the Transition) that failing to bring Madagascar back to constitutional order, would lead to “damageable” consequences on the renewal of MCA contract and on the second eligibility of Madagascar for the AGOA program. In response to that, the HAT primeminister, Monja Roindefo has accused him of wanting to interfere into Malagasy matters.

“Those who are not happy can leave. The Malagasy people are sovereign,” Monja said.


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