Back to MAGRO

“Jamais deux sans trois!” (Never two without three!) This is a French quotation which did not work for the “legalist movement” (Ravalomanana supporters) for today.

Comforted with the success of their rally last Saturday in Ambohijatovo democracy square, the “legalist movement” wanted to repeat it again today. Even if the authorization (issued by the “commune” (Mayor’s office)) has provided only for Friday 15 May and Saturday 16 May, the ralliers went back to Ambohijatovo today to have their daily gathering at the Democracy Square.

Unfortunately for them, security forces were already waiting for them around the square. Even if the leaders of the movement have tried to negotiate with them, they did allow the ralliers to come in. Before this situation, the leaders of the movement have decided to bring the ralliers back to MAGRO Ankorondrano.

Later in MAGRO Ankorondrano, some people have reported that the security forces ran after the demonstrators in Ambohijatovo. This information still needs to be confirmed.





One thought on “Back to MAGRO

  1. when are those so-called legalists going to held demonstrations in province? when , when when, it’s a big when mr andrydago!!!

    miagro is just a pocket or resistance if you ask me!

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