Real success of today’s rally: Saturday May 16th, 2009

Waive it up!
Waive it up!

Since Friday (May 15), the “legalist people” and “Ravalomanana supporters” have been allowed to come back in Ambohijatovo democracy square to make their daily rally. This opposition movement has been banned by the HAT (High Authority of the Transition) for three weeks to gather in the Democracy square.

Actually, three weeks ago, the HAT has banned all rallies in public locations. In response to such decison and after several painful attempts, the opposition movement has made its daily rally within the premises of Magro Ankorondrano (private wholesaling company which belongs to Marc Ravalomanana).

together as one
together as one

The leaders of the legalist movement have encountered several problems:

– Manandafy Rakotonirina, primeminister appointed by Marc Ravalomanana and leader of the movement, is under house arrest in Mantasoa;

– Ihanta Randriamandranto, leader of the legalist female movement, is in jail in Ambatolampy;

– Raveloson Constant hides himself from the Commander Charles Andrianasoavina, the “executioner” of the CNME (Mixed National Commission of Inverstigation) who has death threatened him (all of his relatives as well as anyone who has the same family name as him, have been investigated and harrased by the CNME);

– Vola Dieudonné Razafindrazaka has also disappeared (he was seen last time in Tsimbazaza near the premises of the National Assembly on May 05th). The HAT has issued an arrest warrant against him. On friday May 15th at 01.00pm, his son has been arrested by the security forces from the CNME. He is accused of attempt against national security of the state, criminal association and incitement to rebellion;

– Henri Randrianjatovo, Mamisoa Rakotomandimbindraibe, Raymond Rakotozandry and Lanto Rabenatoandro, MPs from the region of Vakinankaratra are in jail in Antanimora and are waiting for their trials (they were arrested by the CNME security forces led by Commander Charles Andrianasoavinao on April 23rd).

Obliged to confine themselves in a private place, and with almost no leaders, the ardor and the intensity tended to decrease.

all there 02

With the arrival of the emissaries from the international contact group, the HAT wanted to show that they respect democracy in Madagascar and above all that everybody is free to express their opinions. Andry “TGV” Rajoelina was aware that showing a good image of his administration is among the keys for a international recognition. The HAT has accepted to allow the opposition movement to do their rallies in Ambohijatovo democracy square for Friday (May 15) and Saturday (May 16).

still there 03

Today’s rally was a success, Ambohijatovo democracy square was completely crowded (I am unable to specify the exact number, sorry …). For most of the ralliers, today was an outstanding opportunity to show to the HAT that they are not “dead” yet, and to the world that they still keep on the fight. It was more than a gathering of protestor ralliers, it tasted like everyone met back their friends and relatives.

still there 04

Marc Ravalomanana, during a phone call, declared today that there would be no negotiation without him. “This is a non-negotiable condition!” He said. But, can the opposition movement afford to keep such stand? Wait and see …


One thought on “Real success of today’s rally: Saturday May 16th, 2009

  1. yesterday, the square was crowded,
    today the square is overcrowded!!!
    “many people still join the rally” and an overcrowded square can squeeze all those additional people?

    two times overcrowded, three times overcrwoded?????

    follow my advice mr andrydago, learn to count! it doesn’t take long unless you brain is near your….

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