Pierrot Rajaonarivelo

Definitely, I am convinced that the general secretary of the political party AREMA (socialist trend), Pierrot Rajaonarivelo, is becoming the new “problem” of Andry “TGV” Rajoelina.

Yesterday, Pierrot Rajaonarivelo went to his hometown in Toamasina after 07 years of exile. During his speech (in a meeting in Barikadimy square that gathered around thousands of people), he declared that Andry “TGV” Rajoelina and the HAT (High Authority of Transition) must, whatever they like it or not, grant a global and complete amnesty for all the political exiles of 2002.

During his rally, one of his bodyguard was seen holding an AK 47. This image, which has been relaid by most of local TV channels, has scandalized the HAT homeland security, Andriamihanta Organès. He immediately gave instructions to the police to investigate and to arrest the bodyguard. According to the law, only security forces (Army – Genadarmerie – Police) have the right to have and to use such type of weapon. “This is unacceptable!” he said in a last minute declaration in TVM (Public TV channel).

So what? I remember very well that during the TGV rallies (in March 2009) some of Andry “TGV” Rajoelina’s bodyguards had AK 47 too.

Are Andry “TGV” Rajoelina and the HAT afraid of Pierrot Rajaonarivelo? He has the means (especially the financial means: he is deemed by some local world bank consultants as the richest man in Madagascar), the aura and the “appropriate age” (according to the current constitution) to become the first president of the 04th republic.

Let’s wait and see …


9 thoughts on “Pierrot Rajaonarivelo

  1. You are right , Pierrot suits the best to the “next President” role, he’s not only a problem for Andry TGV but for all politicians who are aiming the next election.That’s why I keep saying that the legalists should change their strategy.(forget Dada)
    About the AK47: no comment, many have dissapeared during 2002 event and many civilians carry it recently .

  2. Hi Tolotra,
    Thanks for your comment;
    I have never said in my post that “Pierrot Rajaonarivelo suits the best to the next president role”.

  3. I’m not promoting Arema and the last person on earth to support Pierrot but there is a fact we have to face, he gains popularity within his own people ( not only Toamasina) and remember there was no landslide victory in 2002.

  4. @andrydago yeah, i know but when u say Pierrot that means giving importance to the AREMA.

  5. There were Reuters photo showing as well the security forces of Ra8 pointing AK-47 to citizens they arrest as supposedly members of the TGV followers at the time. This is neither an attitude to have even if they are security forces. I wish the Malagasy world would have seen how to apprehend anti-presidential protesters in developed countries to have an idea of human rights respect.

  6. You people just don’t get it. We need an experienced educated president. Thus far,pierrot Rajaonarivelo is the best and fit candidate. The man has connection, and means the best for Malagasy people. The ones who were and is there now in position is there for power, not to advence the quality of Madagascar. How much and what does a Dj know about politics. He has not even seen what happened 50years ago. Surely Pierrot is a problem because he want to do what is best for his country not for himself. So for all you haters. Hate all you want but the truth will stand out

  7. pierrot was ratsiraka’s problem ,pierrot was ravalomanana’s problem, he is still tgv’s problem, pierrot is the problem of madagascar, as simple as that.

    please andrydago, can’t you think of other words to conclude than the boring “wait and see”.
    i thought you’re smarter than that!

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