Reactions from HAT

Yesterday evening, after the clash between security forces and legalist supporters, there were some reactions from the HAT:

From the primeminister Monja Roindefo:
He said that his governement can not accept anymore the destruction of private and public properties (he wanted to talk about the cars which have been burnt near the ministry of public works in Anosy during the clash) and the killing of police officer (there was a policeman who has been killed during the clash). He has publicly accused the legalist movement for being the responsible for the current global insecurity in Antananarivo and for having hired mercenaries from Angola (…). Last but not least, he said that it was the legalist supporters themselves who killed their friends.

From the minister of homeland security, the minister of defence, and the secretary of state of gendarmerie:
These 03 heads of ministerial institutions accompanied by the CEMGAM (the chief of Army staff), the chief of gendarmerie, and the director of police, made the same declaration as the primeminister during a special interview made at TVM (national TV). They also said that they knew who is behind all of that (they talked about a red 309 which brought armed people who killed the legalist supporters and the policeman).
They declared that they forbid all external march for legalist movement.


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