Clash between legalist supporters and security forces

Today Monday April 20th, 2009, after the daily rally of the “legalist citizens” at Ambohijatovo democracy square, the leaders of this legalist movement have decided to go to the headquarter of the HCC (High Constitutional Court) in Ambohidahy (downtown of Antananarivo) and the tribunal in Anosy (downtown of Antananarivo). They wanted to file a complaint against the HAT (High Authority of the Transition) for having attacked Radio Mada (FM 100.8 – Private radio of Marc Ravalomanana) and Fahazavana radio (FM 88.6 – Official protestant radio) and for having also stolen their transmitters on Sunday April 19th, 2009 at 06.00pm Madagascar time. They wanted to file these complaints today before the HCC and the public prosecutor in Anosy tribunal.
It has been decided then that they would go there with all of their supporters.
The HCC in Ambohidahy was closed.
When the crowd arrived in Anosy, security forces – which have been stationed all around the premises of the tribunal – shoot tear-gas and threw deafening grenades against the crowd without any prior challenge. A journalist has been hit by a tear-gas straight in the face and collapsed. After dispersing the crowd, the security forces “chased” the legalist supporters in Andrefan’Ambohijanahary and Mahamasina. Some eye-witnesses reported that the security forces have used “real” bullets.
We do not know yet at this time about the real casualties of this event.


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