Potential tank assault against Iavoloha presidential palace

I was petrified when I heard the news this morning at 07.00am Madagascar time at Radio Mada (FM 100.8): Colonel André Ndriarijaona, as a new Chief of Staff of the Malagasy Army, instructed some tanks to head to the district of Iavoloha (suburb of Antananarivo) to bomb the presidential palace.

People told me that the radio Mada has already announced that last night (around midnight).

“My God! They are really going too far! Will they dare to bomb the Iavoloha presidential palace and to kill Marc Ravalomanana, the president of Madagascar?” I asked to myself.

Since yesterday night, Radio Mada (private radio which belongs to Marc Ravalomanana) has called people to join Iavoloha district to protect the presidential palace. At the time, I’m typing this post, the Ravalomanana supporters are setting up barriers throughout the district of Iavoloha but nothing happens yet. These barrers are known as the so-called “Andriamasompokonola” (committee of people vigilance).

Since yesterday morning, the Ambotsirohitra presidential palace (downtown of Antananarivo) has looked unoccupied. We do not see any guards and any employees. All the doors and windows are closed, as well as the gate. It is obvious that Marc Ravalomanana, as well as the presidency staff are not there anymore.

Now, we all wait … (sleepless in Antananarivo)


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