The Army, the Gendarmerie and maybe the Police, are with Andry Rajoelina


The illegal CEMGAM takes up the HQ of the Malagasy Army

Amazement for all the pro-Ravalomanana supporters yesterday: the CEMGAM (command of the HQ of the Malagasy Army) which was illegaly set up last Tuesday after the “blow” at the ministry of defense, took up the command of the Malagasy Army HQ!

At 11.00 Madagascar time, the chief of the illegal CEMGAM, Colonel André Ndriarijaona, arrived in Andohalo (upper part of Antananarivo) at the HQ of the Malagasy Army with the soldiers from the CAPSAT. He immediately went to the office of the General Edmond Rasolomahandry (the real chief of the CEMGAM). One hour after, this latter went out and declared that the new chief of the CEMGAM is now the Colonel André Ndrianarijaona! He immediately left without answering the journalists’ questions. The Colonel André Ndrianarijaona said that now the entire army is “behind him”.Can we say now that the whole Malagasy Army is with Andry Rajoelina now?

The Gendarmerie is with the “mutineers” of the Army

After the “change” which occured at the CEMGAM, the Colonel Bruno Razafindrakoto, commander of the forces of intervention of the gendarmerie, declared in a press conference, that the gendamerie is with the new CEMGAM. Due to the fact that he is not the chief of the Malagasy gendarmerie, is he empowered to make such declaration on behalf of the Gendarmerie?

Organès is back

The minister of homeland security for the Rajoelina’s governement met his current counter-part: Désiré Rasolofomanana at the ministry of homeland security. There was no feed-back about this meeting.

Looting again …

The house of Mamy Rakotoarivelo, MP and TIM member (political party of Marc Ravalomanana) located in Ankadifotsy (downtown of Antananarivo) was looted by people who were from the rally at “place du 13 mai”. As usual, the police forces came at the end of the looting. Nevertheless, 27 looters were arrested.


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