The first visible expression of mutiny occurred in the CAPSAT military camp, located in Soanierana, suburb of Antananarivo, early this morning.
The soldiers from this camp have declared that they would not obey anymore to the instructions of their superiors. Early this morning, these soldiers (also part of the EMMO NAT) have refused to go out of their camp.
“We have been trained to protect Malagasy people and not to kill them” One soldier said.
“We will not obey anymore, we prefer to listen to our heart” Another soldier added.
“We are definitely with the people” They said.
After being informed about this mutiny, the commander in chief of the army has come to the CAPSAT camp to convince them, but he failed.



  1. Please check your informations.
    CAPSAT is not a part of EMMONAT, they are just logicistics.
    Thery are in charge of keeping and maintain equipments and weapons for the entire army.

    Actually, the GP (Presidential Guard) and some other units are on the way to retake control of the camp to avoid sprawling of the weapons which are in stock.

    According to informants, the CAPSAT have received “a good amount” of money from Monja Roindefo’s team to provoke this mutiny and to get the weapons from the camp.

  2. Jeremy Rasamison, your sayings are contradictory to what the CEMGAM said on TVM. He said military units at Capsat wanted to stay inside the camp because of non-military people with uniform who kill innocents. He added he agreed with that.
    If mutiny followers were logistics, in charge of keeping and maintaining equipments and weapons, WTF?

    If the reason of the mutiny was just a “good amount” of money, damn, solve the problem with just a “better amount” of money and basta. AFAIK, Roindefo is not as rich as legalists, is he?

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