The “democratic image” of the political movement led by Andry “TGV” Rajoelina is chipped by the “dictatorial decisions” made by him.

Boosted by his “new job” of president of the HAT (High Authority of the Transition: a new extra-constitutional institution that he has imposed, and which is supposed to rule Madagascar and all the Malagasy people during the period of transition), Andry Rajoelina really believes that he has the power and he can force the people of Antananarivo to implement his instructions.

His instructions are clear: all the civil servants have to  stop  implementing  the instructions  from  the  official  and current government, and to go on strike – all the employees from private companies have to go on strike.

His objective is clear: to force the president Marc Ravalomanana and his government to step down.

A general strike is among the most powerful expressions of civil disobedience.

A civil disobedience  can give pressure to any government as  long as it is a popular movement, it means: a movement which is accepted by the majority of people and which convinces people instead of forcing them.

Private companies

In his speech of yesterday at “place du 13 Mai”, Andry Rajoelina declared that on Wednesday (this coming wednesday), ALL the private companies (employers and employees) HAVE TO stop working and join the rally at “place du 13 Mai”. He said that it is a tremendous and unique chance for the bosses of these companies to voice their concerns. They are now contacting one by one all the “head of companies”.

Ministries and public offices

ALL the civil servants throughout Madagascar are ordered to stop working and to close their offices. Andry Rajoelina, in his yesterday speech, said that, due to the fact that Madagascar is now in a transitional step (he does not consider anymore the existence of the current government), his “institution”, the HAT is the only institution which can give orders to civil servants throughout Madagascar. He said that the civil servants who do not join the rally, will be “punished”.

Obligation to join the rally at “place du 13 Mai”

This is a decision from Andry Rajoelina which has shocked me the  most: in his yesterday speech,  Andry Rajoelina ordered that starting from wednesday EVERYONE IN ANTANANARVO (student, woker, jobless people, …), HAS TO join the rally at “place du 13 mai”.

They have appointed some people to check on EACH fokontany (district) if people go to the rally. If this is not the case, the doors or the gates of the house of these people will be marked with a cross, and then will be identified as “enemy of the people”

The next step of such marking is easy to guess: when you are considered as a “enemy of the people” and when it is possible to locate your residence, looters attack and burn your house.

The movement led by Andry “TGV” Rajoelina is based on a “blackmail” which obliges people (who just want to survive in all of that mess …) to join his rally. The actions of Andry Rajoelina are supported by hundreds of looters who just live to make mess and are not afraid to die. Moreover, the actions of Andry Rajoelina are boosted by the fact that the Army, the Gendarmerie and the police do not dare (or do not want?) to arrest him. The main evidence is the possibility  to organize  everyday  an illegal public gathering at “place du 13 Mai”. Everyday, there are looting throughout Antananarivo, which establishes a permanent psychosis among the people.

Is this the type of democracy that Andry “TGV” plans to put in Madagascar?



  1. I’m afraid that it will be the new law or there is not any law in Madagascar.Even military couldn’t do anything against that.I think it’s better to release all of those generals and military in Madagascar,because we don’t need them any more.

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