Monday, March 02nd 2009 in Antananarivo

Today was a a kind of eventful day in Antananarivo.

In the morning in Analakely, place du 13 Mai

Protesters led by Andry Rajoelina met again in the well-known “place du 13 mai”. The public (and illegal) meetings re-started last Saturday after 05 days of interruption. Andry Rajoelina, in his speech of last Saturday, declared that there will be a general strike throughout Madagascar starting from today. In his speech of today, Andry Rajoelina decreed to all of the private companies to stop working. He also asked the private “bosses” to join his rally.

In the morning at Ankatso and Ambohipo (downtown of Antananarivo)

A group of “over-excited” men came in the university of Ankatso. They tried to disturb and to freighten the students. They told to the students that they (the students) have to join the popular rally in “place du 13 mai”. After, they came to Ambohipo (district next to Ankatso where many University students live) to incite people to come to “place du 13 mai” and to freighten people who still work. They faced a tough stamina from Ambohipo people. The elements from the EMMO NAT (Army – Gendarmerie – Police) intervened. There were tear-gas and sky-shootings to make people scattered.

In the afternoon in Analakely, place du 13 Mai

Some groups of looters gathered in the place du 13 Mai in Analakely. They started to stone at all the buses which passed by place du 13 Mai and burned some cars. The EMMO NAT came and make them scattered with tear-gas. Many of the looters were very violent towards the elements from EMMO NAT, gunshots were heard. The EMMO NAT killed 03 looters.

In the afternoon, at the residence of Rabary Mathilde

Some people bombed the residence of Mrs. Rabary Mathilde, former MP.

How about the negotiations between Andry Rajoelina and Marc Ravalomanana?

The negotiations between both parties started last Monday and were suspended last wednesday because Marc Ravalomanana was missing. Observing such failure, The Archbishop of Antananarivo, Odon Razanakolona left the comittee of organization of the negotiations because he has been suspected to be partial. Andry Rajoelina also decided to leave the negotiations. After the intervention of the UN’s emissary, the Archbishop of Antananarivo (who also leads the FFKM: association of the Christian Churches of Madagascar) and Andry Rajoelina finally agreed to come back to negotiations. Marc Ravalomanana, since last Thursday, has always confirmed his willingness and readiness to negotiate with Andry Rajoelina. According to the ministry of interior, Marc Ravalomanana decided not to come to the negotiations session of last wednesday because he feared for his security. Actually, he has been informed that Andry Rajoelina would came to the negotiations with many people (which has been the fact).


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