The Army attacks!

Today at 03.00am Madagascar time, the Army has launched a massive attack against the 04 ministries, all located in the district of Anosy, which were taken up by the opposition yesterday afternoon.

These 04 ministries are:
– the ministry of internal security (taken up yesterday by General Organès Rakotomihantarizaka);
– the ministry of interior (taken up yesterday by Masimanana Manantsoa);
– the ministry of education (taken up yesterday by Julien Razafimanjato);
– the ministry of decentralization (taken up yesterday by Haja Andrianarivelo).

These 04 ministerial premises were kept by the “Andriamasompokonolona” (committee of popular vigilance).

During this attack, the Army used  02 armors. After few minutes of fight, the “Andriamasompokonolona” ran away. There were many people who have been arrested.


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