Decision for tomorrow: Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Last decision from the opposition/TGV:
Tomorrow, they will re-try again to take up the ministries.
Andry “TGV” Rajoelina and the families of the soldiers, gendarmes and policemen, will lead the march. The march will begin from the place of May 13th. We dot know yet about the time.


8 thoughts on “Decision for tomorrow: Thursday, February 19th, 2009

  1. cher Andry, d’abords merci pour toutes ces informations! à part ca, je trouve que c’est vraiment domage que tu ne met plus de photos! misaotra!

  2. From what I saw yesterday & Monday at analakely
    First the holy men came in front
    Many poor street kids & young people
    Plus many gangsters

    I saw many people I wouldn’t want to meet in the dark but ofcourse there are also SOME decent people but they were totally outnumbered by kids & gangsters.

    Let us not forget that the crowd he could not control anymore, was so frustrated on monday they stopped his car when he tried to leave & he had to leave by foot. My friend stationed at 13mai texted me immediately to tell me this because he was so SHOCKED!

    Now rajoelina says families of EMMONAT ie police etc?
    Who is going to believe him anymore?

    Why not appear himself everyday & sit in front, stay in front…come sun come rain, come tear gas, come bullets?

    The day he does this is the day someone MAY believe in him
    Meanwhile the damage he has done is too much.

    Even if they succeed in “taking over” the ministeries, who is going to do the work of the government? The kids? The gangsters?

    Is this what democracy about?
    Has he never heard of the saying “you can take my body but not my soul”

    Forcing yourself on the people just ain’t gonna win you any brownie points!

    I feel our only hope is that Rav8 learns from this & sell his stupid plane, separate biz fr politics, get daewoo out & tell us his people how he will focus on us and be a good Leader. We are a forgiving people so we will forgive him even if we will never forget the damage he has caused us !

  3. are the families “willing” to get involved in this movement?
    we are starting to feel how much the population is suffering from the crisis economically and morally , what are their motivations to join the march….to put an end to this insanity? or to make changes?

  4. Sincerely, I do not have enough elements to know if these families are really willing to take part into the march.
    According to some friends, they (the opposition and TGV) have contacted some families of retired policemen, gendarmes and soldiers. I do not know yet if it’s true or not.

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