Today was a normal day for most of citizens living in Antananarivo. Students went to schools. All ministers and public offices opened and all civil servants worked. All shops and commercial centers opened. All buses (the famous Taxi B) were seen throughout the streets of Antananarivo. Police officers are seen almost everywhere you go.

A normal day? Not really, when you look at the face of people, you can see sadness, anxiousness and frustration. It is not normal when there are still some areas in town which are blocked by TGV’s supporters.

Nowadays, Madagascar is facing a dramatic inflation: all the prices of goods are increasing. This is the case especially for rice, sugar, flavour, yoghurt, milk, butter, oil and gas.

Good and exceptionnal initiative

Last week, the minsitry of economy, consumption and industry has decided to help the private companies which have been victims of the riots through paying the wages of their employees for the month of January. Each employee has received MGA 250,000. This is exceptionnal because never in the history of public finances, the governement has paid the wages of the employees of private companies.

Public Meeting at place of May 13th

Despite all the calls they made on Radio VIVA and TV VIVA (which belong to Andry “TGV”), only around 30 people came. The mayor did not appear. The public meeting ended up with cultural shows.

Andry “TGV” is scheduled to visit all the regions of Madagascar to assure his position throughout the country. Marc Ravalomanana is in Antsiranana (northern part of Madagascar).

Here are some pics which do not need comments at all:



2 thoughts on “NORMAL DAY?

  1. Well at least niro did nothing while Rome burned. The mayor seems awful busy not doing his job and destroying his city, I wonder if anyone will have him removed?

    Prices in the US have been jumping, a can of soup went from $1.00 a can on sale last year to $2.50 a can on sale this year. I just noticed the price hike I do not know when it actually happened… Big Oil gets rich and we get poorer.

    Keep safe!


  2. Actually, this is a scoop that i wanted to launch today:
    Yesterday, the minister of interior issued an order which removed Andry Rajoelina from his position of Mayor of Antananarivo. The same order appointed a “PDS”(president of special delegation) as his immediate replacement. The justification of such decision is that Andry Rajoelina has failed to his obligations and duties as a mayor of a city.
    Andry Rajoelina and his supporters are now doing a “protestation sitting” around the offices of the mayor located in Tsimabazaza and in Mahamasina (both are all located in the downtown of Antananarivo). The purpose of such action is to forbid the access of the mayor’s offices to the PDS

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