the provinces want to see my face …

Monday, February 02nd 2009, Andry “TGV” Rajoelina and the opposition have made again an appointement with the people of Antananarivo at the place of May 13th, Analakely.


Today, according to the instructions of the new “leader” of Madagascar (Andry TGV, last saturday, proclaimed himself as the commander in chief of a temporary governement until a real governement of transition is fully set up…), all the civil servants and the students had to go on strike again. The purpose of such action is to show to Marc ravalomanana that ALL the civil servants are with the opposition. Actually, the power of a president and his governement, throughout the republican history of Madagascar, depends on the civil servants. If they all decide not to follow your orders or instructions, you do not have power anymore to lead properly your country. This is what happened to Didier Ignace Ratsiraka in 1991 and in 2002.


Today then was supposed to be the great appointment between Andry “TGV” Rajoelina and the civil servants and the students.


The result was not really what they expected: no civil servants and no students came. Only few irreducibles stood up there (around 50 people). The organizers were obliged to mobilize the employees of a company named “Savonnerie Tropicale” to magnify the numbers of the public.


At noon, Andry “TGV” Rajoelina made his speech.

He announced that the general strike imposed on all the ministries and public offices has been successful. This is false: all the ministries and public offices were opened today.

He said that he is going to remitt a letter to the HCC (High Constitutionnal Court). This letter will detail all the constitutionnal violations that Marc Ravalomanana did during his “reign”. This letter will also inform the HCC about his intention to lodge an impeachment action against the president before the parliament (National Assembly and the Senate). Such action before the parliament is provided by the constitution.

After, he threatend the governor of the central bank because according to him, this governor did not allow his employees to join the general meeting at place of May 13th.

Finally, he declared that he is going to visit all the provinces (Fianarantsoa – Mahajanga – Toamasina – Antsiranana – Toliara). According to him, people from these provinces want to see him.

The meeting in place of May 13th will keep on tomorrow.

Let’s wait and see …



8 thoughts on “the provinces want to see my face …

  1. It is good to see peace starting to come back into your country. Does the average person feel safer and are they going out on the streets without fear? I read on the Associated Press site that 6 leaders were arrested in Tamatave. is saying the riots happened because the president is getting rich and restricting freedom of speech while the country suffers.

    Once again, thank you for your blog! For the first time I saw and heard what people did and were saying as opposed to a newspaper quoting the US ambassador. It is nice to see the truth!

    Is DAEWOO out of the picture, I thought it was a major cause of the unrest but nothing is being mentioned about it anymore.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Me too, I am happy to se that there is a kind of normalcy which comes back little by little. I think that as far as Antananarivo people are concerned, they are not afraid to go out for works or studies, but I have noticed that they easily get paniced when they hear or see something unusual.
    Yes it is right, 06 leaders from the opposition were arrested.
    It is right to say that the president is rich. All of his companies have made good benefits until these riots occured. It is not true at all to say that there is a luck of freedom of speech in Madagascar. Everybody can say what they want on any TV channnels, any radio stations and on any written press.
    There were many people who stole products from the attacked shops and commercial centers because they are too poor.
    DAEWOO is still on the picture. They (Andry TGV and the opposition) have used it as a clear evidence of violation of the constitution.

  3. I´m thankfull to be able to follow your “point of view”.
    Interesting .. I hope everything soon will end in peace.

    Good Luck

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