Yesterday, the message launched by the Army was clear: “NO PUBLIC MEETING IS ALLOWED FOR TOMORROW!”.

The Gendarmerie, the police and the army announced yesterday on the public national medias (TVM and RNM) as well as on private medias, that due to the situation of political turmoil, any public meeting is forbidden until further notice.

They said clearly that they would not hesitate to use their weapons if needs be.

Of course, I do not wish any bloody settlement for today’s meeting in place of May 13th, Analakely, I just hope that in case of other lootings, police and military forces will not hesitate to intervene.

I am in Analakely now, just behind the place of May 13th, it is 09.30am Madagscar time, there is no one yet there.

Let’s wait and see …


6 thoughts on “FORBIDDEN MEETING

  1. Hello,

    This is to spread to as many people as you know.
    I say to all my friends, living in Madagascar, France and all over the world who know friends who are interested in Madagascar and its future …
    It is with trembling hands that I write.
    I just have a conversation on the phone with a trustworthy person who is well informed and enlighten me on the situation at that moment in Antananarivo.
    It is now 0:27 when I begin to write, the 28 January 2009.

    You may be aware of events that were held Monday 26 January in Tana. The mayor of Antananarivo, Andry Rajoelina (also known as “TGV”), the main opponent of the government of Marc Ravalomanana, has made a call for a general strike and held an event gigantic against the President. Event which unfortunately degenerated: pillaging shops, houses of individuals, arson , etc.

    The bottom of this case is very complex and disturbing. What we saw Monday January 26 (already sadly nicknamed the Black Monday on the Internet) is a small part of an iceberg which is much more devastating!!

    But before coming here, this information on Andry TGV intentions:
    it is expected to simply auto proclaim himself as the new PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MADAGASCAR on January,28, 2009 in the place of May 13 So maybe if you read this
    lines, it will already …

    To get everything clear, we must come a little before December 2006 which is the presidential elections. This election has seen Marc Ravalomanana re-appointed for a second term, after his first election in 2002.
    December 2006 therefore, a certain Manandafy member of a political party: MFM, made a trip to France to meet Didier Ratsiraka, former President of the Republic, in power for more than years 25. He lost his place face to Marc Ravalomanana during Elections in the end of 2001, which was later complicated by a large crisis of nearly 6 months during the first half of 2002.
    A summit of African Union was to be held in Madagascar in 2002. Due to this political instability at this time, it finally took place in Durban, South Africa. Account given the crisis, Madagascar has been temporarily suspended from its headquarter in the African Union, and then regained it after the official recognition of Marc Ravalomanana by the international community and Africa as the new President.
    This defeat, Didier Ratsiraka has never digested. Once Ravalomanana came to power, Manandafy turned against him, and has established new relationships with former the President Ratsiraka.

    The famous interview in 2006, between Manandafy and Didier Ratsiraka draws to this thought, “You put him there; you remove him from there!” By “you” Ratsiraka underlined the
    Merina, (notice: Merina is an ethnicity living on high plateau, so in Antananarivo), which he dedicated a hatred tenacious since very long.

    From that day, the plan takes place in little by little. This is to implement the plan which will include:
    – Marc Ravalomanana dismissed
    – Destroy all his properties
    – Destroy all traces of the enemies, everything he has put in place and which is a sign of progress
    – To flat tire Tana (to shorten Antananarivo for my friends Madagascans not who do not understand)
    – Put Madagascar in the state where it was before Ravalomanana

    To succeed, it is must to find a “puppet”, a young Merina, naive, fiery and ambitious. This person, “they” find in the person of Andry Rajoelina. What a better way to express revenge?

    Marc Ravalomanana was the mayor of Tana. Thanks to the big support (including Ratsiraka’s). Rajoelina climbed rapidly into high levels and get access to the town hall of Antananarivo last year.
    Now Andry “TGV” Rajoelina, secretly supported by Ratsiraka, as a virulent opponent to the one that took his place in 2002!

    Saturday 13 December 2008:

    Closure of the Tv station Viva belonging to Andry “TGV” Rajoelina.
    The Tv station aired on December , 13, 2008 an interview of Didier Ratsiraka calling people in an uprising and the revolt against Marc Ravalomanana’s government. This interview, only
    Viva Tv station aired in full, with programming to replay twice. All other Madagascar chains diffused just a part of that broadcasts.
    That evening, the order was given by the Government to close the Tv station that he considered “outlaw”. According to the Constitution of Madagascar, no message calling to cause trouble and destabilize peace and security of the country is tolerated.
    So by the end of December 2008, this TV station has closed its doors after the intervention of some policemen. The action was done late in the evening. Those policemen or would I say members of the army were executing the order given by the actual minister of communication.
    The reasons why this minister has given this order are the following:
    -The release of a video showing an interview of RATSIRAKA DIDIER, the former President of Madagascar (before 2002) telling things that shouldn’t be broadcasted and things that may cause disorder within the nation.
    -The plan to re-broadcast (replay) the same video
    The day following that action, the owner of the TV broadcast has done an interview and an announcement dedicated to the authorities. He was asking the re-opening of his TV station. It is to know that he ( Andry TGV) also has apart from the TV station a radio station in which he did the announcement.
    During his speech, the mayor of Antananarivo has given an ultimatum to the government to give him and some other radio stations that have been closed before an authorization of re-opening and to give back the antenna for transmission. He said that the initiative taken by the government is just to close people’s mouths. And this is a disrespect of democracy. He also required the establishment of a “place for Democracy” where anyone can say and express his opinion.

    As time goes by, the New Year came and the dead line for the ultimatum was over passed (January 7, 2009). No pleasing response from the government regarding all the requirements.
    Then, the Mayor asked the citizens to join him for a cult of prayer the next Sunday (January, 10, 2009) following the dead line of the ultimatum. He said that this moment will be an opportunity to meet with some representatives of citizens; a way to welcome the Year 2009 and to praise God.

    The Monday after (January 12, 2009), he had his say on the radio (his own radio station). He was saying that the Place for Democracy will be inaugurated the coming Saturday (January 17, 2009).
    And he did it. There were around about 30.000 people attending the inauguration.
    To the astonishment of all the population, he was not only presenting the things that have been done by his team (since he is the mayor of the city, he had to show off the achievements). But also, he took the opportunity to brainstorm with his public and to share his view point regarding the actual governance. He insisted that people have not to stand the actual situation such as:
    -The reign by an individual
    -The disrespect of democracy
    -Selling “land” to foreigners (Land is Malagasy people the most valuable inheritance)
    -Putting politicians into jails
    -Closing Radio and TV stations that are expressing people’s voice

    He also gave a recommendation to two ministers to hand in their resignations.
    (One of them is the minister of communication who has given the order to close the TV station)
    All along the new week (third week of January) he was waiting for a favorable response from the government but nothing. The only response he got was during an interview of the President.
    The president said that he has nothing to say regarding the fact that the TV station of the mayor had to close its door. He said that there are rules and competent personalities for that matter in the nation. About the demand of getting the two ministers handed in their resignations, the president said that he has been the one who has choose them all. So, he just said that their where no need to choose them among others if it was just to kick them out right after. He also insisted in the fact that where ever in the world, two people never have the same and identical state of mind but in any circumstances the best way to resolve whatever problem is discussion.
    He ended by telling that it is normal and right if each individual wants to express his wish or desire. But in any cases, that should be done with full respect.

    Toward that situation, the mayor of Antananarivo showed on TV and asked all the Malagasy people of Madagascar to join the “Place for Democracy” the next Saturday (January 24, 2009).
    The appointed day, the meeting was gathering thousands of people in Latitude 18°54′46.21″S Longitude 47°31′45.77″E (Place for democracy formerly Garden Ambohijatovo). During his declaration, he made a reiteration of the things that he was telling a week before. In addition to that, he was ordering all the attendants to come on strike and declared officially that schools and all other activities are to be suspended the coming Monday. “Antananarivo will be a dead city.”
    After some talks and preaching, the leader (Andry TGV) brought all his sheep to the independence avenue (18°54′19.90″S 47°31′23.67″E) and continued their way out and show, to some other places.
    Since that day, Andry Rajoelina based on those things to convey his message and stands as
    the principal opponent of the government lead by Marc Ravalomanana.

    Saturday January 24, 2009, the President of Madagascar was off the town. He was attending some important meetings out of the country. Knowing what was going on here in Madagascar; he took the initiative to come back and landed at the National airport on January 25, 2009.

    Crowds of people were waiting for him out there and all along the way to his residence. Outside the airport, people were shooting with a load voice that Andry TGV should be arrested. The prime minister were among those crowds and were interviewed intentionally while he was talking would I say to what the big crowed was yelling. During that, he said: “We will arrest him right now” and that was accompanied by a body language” (He was putting his right hand up showing his fist).
    At the same time, the radio of the mayor was broadcasting live and where having hot line on air. Each of the interviewed person where expressing hunger and willingness to help and support the action taken by the mayor of Antananarivo. The discussion was hot and intense. They didn’t neglect the way the prime minister behave while being interviewed. To that, they were telling that there is no way for the minister and his crew to arrest the mayor if not they will be taking the minister himself and his family in return. They added that they know exactly where the minister lives and that if the fist that he sowed in public where inviting for fight, they were ready for that.
    During the whole broadcast, the fact that the minister were putting up his fist, created a big polemic.
    From that time on, most of the citizens were turning the frequency to 98.8 Fm (the Mayor’s radio frequency). The animators there were too convincing and were trying to give real time information.
    They really have the art of speaking. You know, they are the kind of persons that when they make a speech way whether you smile, flabbergasted or cry. They really know how to touch deep inside your heart and make you feel the feeling of situation what they are talking about.
    Late in the evening, the worse came to worse. The radio at 98.8 Fm was telling those following things in loops:
    -The actual government decided to close this radio station and requisition the antenna.
    (In the mean time they were positioning were the antenna is located and same thing for the broadcasting building)
    -We Malagasy people have to vigil facing that situation and form blocs in order to stop on time whoever is about to disturb the broadcast.
    -We have to take care since we just got the information that some mercenaries are brought from abroad and their mission is to take off the antenna. They are mostly English speaking people and have black complexions.

    Information that is not necessarily known: while Viva TV stopped broadcasting, the radio did not till Monday January 26 2009, around 4am.

    The trial of strength intensifies between the Mayor and Tana President of Madagascar.

    Monday, January 26, 2009:

    What happened?

    An event organized by the Mayor took place at May 13 (A name but not a date)
    This harangued the crowd and then lead to Anosy, headquarter of the Tribunal and where
    are siege young students considered perpetrators of vandalism.
    Not far from the court takes is the Malagasy National Radio (RNM) and Television (TVM). Everything escalates. The RNM and TVM burn!
    Shops, Analakely, quite a few stores located under the arcades Avenue go up into smoke. All these
    events, unfortunately accompanied by false rumors conveyed out
    EPF Ampefiloha burned: false,
    mercenaries have closed Andry’s TGV station but not the national police : FALSE,
    government leaves, or are resigning: FALSE!).
    Meanwhile, a troupe tackles stations belonging to the President of the Republic: MBS plus a number of stores such Magro and so on.

    A tragedy occurs: an angry crowd was on the point to enter private ownership of the station MBS. One of the house guards is all alone with dozens of people unleashed. He fired in the air to summons. The crowd continued to attempt entry by forcing the fence, this time the guard fired in the direction to the crowd.
    Unfortunately, a young – as the mayor claimed being one of his “militants “when he was just 14 years – died during the assault. The child was located between the crowd … and the fence!

    A member of the government called for firefighters to deal with the fire at the RNM. On the line, someone replied: “we come!” Few time after, looking the degree of fire intensified. The person that has just called went on place to see what is really going: no firefighter! There, he initiated a discussion with a person working around just next door. He learned that theDirector of the establishment located next to the RNM has also called the firemen!
    Their conversation was as follows:
    – Come! The RNM burn is burning!
    – Who are you?
    – I am the manager of the facility located close to the RNM! Hurry up!
    – Sorry Sir, as long as the mayor doesn’t give order, there we won’t…
    -the conversation took end.

    Remember, firefighters depend on the CUA (Urban Commune of Antananarivo), so the Mayor.
    That is why firefighters never came off to the RNM. Except that Andry Rajoelina clame who wants to hear: “See, Government does nothing to extinguish fire at the RNM, I’m going in for fihting this fire myself! “
    Normally each individual has the right to ask help from firefighters. No need to wait for the Mayor for that I guess!
    From outside (Diaspora, etc), and much from inside, we are many worrying about :” what is the gouvernement foing? Where is the Army?

    I learn that Marc Ravalomanana at first time preferred to avoid involving the army (before everything gets to worst). Army, itself is divided because Ratsiraka still has his crew
    (of officers who were part of the RESEP, army created by himself, and the SPADEM).

    Summary of Monday 26:
    Some injured and death
    RNM burned
    shops in the city burned,
    Stores belonging to Ravalomanana, burned,
    MBS burned,
    All means of communication available to the government are cut,
    Only radio and TV stations pro-TGV continue to operate.

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009
    The situation is getting worse and worse.
    Malagasy citizens are living in a disaster situation.
    Listening to a radio; here are some of the comments and the states of some important people in the country:
    A representative of the anti-actual-government:
    “We have been starting this demand, why to stop? What is a dialog for?
    This actual government doesn’t deserve it. This government has been asking for military help from abroad to kill us! That shows a none respect of the local military and the population its self.
    Don’t forget that the president and its partisans are selling our land to foreigners.
    We have to kick them out and to continue the fight till the end.”

    Right after, the president of Madagascar was making live broadcast and said ( that was a phone call):
    “Dear citizens, I ask your calm toward the things that are going on in here now.
    Anything can be resolved through discussion.
    We can’t tolerate burglaries and all those people who are destroying all and everything here and there. I am myself putting my hands on the field and tell you that all those things are to stop.
    We have being working for years to build up those infrastructures and how come those people can they destroy the results of our works. It is easy to destroy things but it takes years to build them up.
    Dear Malagasy population, we have been putting our works to God’s hands. Strengthen your faith!

    A meeting was scheduled today between Ravalomanana and Rajoelina.
    This raises certain conditions from Rajoelina:
    – To bring into justice the killer of one his”militants” (the young 14 years ) who was killed during the attack at MBS
    – The release of the three students who participated in acts of vandalism

    This meeting did not take place.

    In fact, what some do not know yet is that the three students accused of vandalism, were released even before TGV did the request in public.
    In addition to that, this day Viva starts to broadcast.
    So, for those who still doubt the government has good faith.

    During the afternoon, the armies took their responsibilities and were after those who are making troubles. They were working hand in hand with the mayor of Antananarivo. They were doing some good jobs and peace was somehow restored in town.

    Wednesday, 28 January 2009

    I wish other circumstances.

    Today, things will accelerate.
    (January 28, 2009) in the morning,
    The President went to some of the places that were victims of robberies and arsons. He took a visit to the national TV and radio station of Madagascar and made a short declaration. He said that:” We will do our best to get both the TV and National Radio stations fixed. That is to let us be informed on time regarding what is really going on here and there. “The president declared also that the destruction which is happening now is not a simple result of demand. He said that there are some leaders of trouble makers and their goal is to ruin Antananarivo and Madagascar in order to quick the President out and to take the power. He then denounced two names of people that he says, are responsible and leaders of this whole carnage. Both of those two persons are close to Andry TGV. One of them is a general (Military) and the other one used to be the mayor of Tamatavy ( A province in Eastern part of Madagascar. Note that this last is the nephew of DIDIER Ratsiraka, the former president of the country).
    Few times after this declaration, the nephew of Ratsiraka made a record of a phone call and was broadcast on some TVs.

    Andry Rajoelina wants to proclaim himself as President of the Republic, in May 13.

    Andry Rajoelina pretends that there are mercenaries engaged by Ravalomanana who their main mission is to kill him(Andry TV), the truth is because Andry Rajoelina doesn’t satisfy enough Didier Ratsiraka and his group, they want to do that with those mercenaries engaged by them.
    The goal?
    Simple : to accuse Marc Ravalomanana of this crime!!!!!!!!!!
    And finally creat chaos!
    At this moment, Pierrot Rajaonarivelo, pro-Ratsiraka, exiled in France for several years, made his return in Madagascar.
    Pierrot Rajaonarivelo, remember, has funded the establishment of Injet, enterprise owned by Andry Rajoelina specializes in advertising. He must be already in Tamatave nowadays. A convoy of buses is currently going from Tamatave to Antananarivo to witness the highlight of the show.

    All foreign supports of Andry Rajoelina and many of these supporters are now moving away from him.
    Friends and families of Andry Rajoelina attempt to dissuade him from this madness today, but
    He has the fire in the belly and wants to finish what he has started.

    Late in the evening of this Wednesday, the national TV and Radio stations have been equipped. Rest to do is to install all the materials

    January, 29, 2009:
    A day, announced being a dead city for Antananarivo by the Mayor.
    The civil servants were all working though they were keeping their doors slightly open. People were found here and there and most of the public transportations were doing things as usual.
    Analakely was a bit silent and people that have been interviewed were telling that citizens are willing to work and want to but they are afraid of robberies and insecurities. That’ why, as they most of the big shops are not opening their doors. While make interviews, I overheard some group of people making a debate of the political situation which is really tens. Ending to a fight, they were interrupted by each of their fellow. Some were shooting that:”It’s far to end, we will see on Saturday! “

    Today January, 30, 2009,
    There were some good things and hope is within Malagasy citizens. The Mayor has finally accepted to have a discussion with the President. Thanks to the association of the church leaders and the ambassadors of some countries that are presents in Madagascar nowadays. They didn’t quit the Island so far. (That should mean a thing)
    Apart from that, a ministry represented the government to a meeting gathering the businessmen and investors that were victims of arson and robberies lately.
    But the date of the meeting still unknown until now. There are some persons who told that the mayor wait for the cardinal. (what does it mean?)

    Plan for tomorrow January, 31, 2009
    Things to know:

    The plan of Didier Ratsiraka is to come back and destroy what has been started is being conducted well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We must not let it be !!!!!!!!!!!

    Spread this message to everyone you know.
    Everyone in the world must know the truth. It is very important.
    I hope with all my heart that what could happen today, what I heard and what I tell, will not take place, that this is a nightmare, but unfortunately, all information overlap.

  2. Be safe!

    The foreign press is starting to report on the situation CNN has it all wrong dates, they don’t say most of the “44 dead” were caught in fires while looting and they don’t mention DAEWOO at all. They say that the rioting is over lack of freedom of speech…

    I have been frustrated with the media empire for some time, after watching this event from several blogs and then seeing how slow the media was on report and inaccurate they were makes me wonder if we have any journalist left or if Bush got rid of them all?

    One little sentence can distort and change the entire picture, leave out a bit of information and the picture is completely different.

    Those in Madagascar should email them the truth…

    Thanks for providing information about the situation…

  3. You are welcome andrydago. That is more than pleasure! Thanks to you, giving me the opportunity to write on you awesome web blog. Matt> Great the information. Would you mind giving me the email addresses of some those you mentioned above?
    Mine is :

    “The power of speech is a talent that can be diligently cultivated of all gifts we have received from God. None is capable of a greater blessing than this, with the voice we can convince and persuade.”
    E.G.White, Talents

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